Help: 2 questions for SF3 360 ver

Just picked up SF anniversary and had a couple questions for anyone else that owns it.

  1. How do you find people to play online, only through forums? It seems completely impossible to find anyone within the game, is it still even working for online play?

  2. Graphics look horrible on both sf2 and sf3. Could be my 42" HD and playing SSF2 turbo HD remix but SF3 in particular is pixelated and rough around all edges of each character. Anyone have this problem? I put it down to 420p and that helped somewhat but mostly I think just because it shrunk the overall viewing size.

-The Sandwich

idk about the 1st one but theres a smoothing option in the screen adjustment settings

that might help

Yeah I wouldn’t play SF3 on an HDTV. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s clear input lag on an HDTV for the game. Reducing the screen size to 420p would help though since 3rd Strike is at like a 1/3rd the resolution of a 360 HD game. Plus there’s issues with even doing combos correctly since whenever your character has to jump in the air the game has to scroll up to fit what’s going on with the HDTV and you’ll get what’s called vertical scrolling lag. 3rd Strike is just really crap on an HDTV. I would just start playing HD Remix.

Yeah I think the image thing is my HDTV, but running it in 480p seems to be a decent solution.

Im really into SF3 right now since I missed it back when it was big. I played sf2 at the local Beckers back in the day and am just getting back into the franchise now with ssf2 turbo HD. When SF3 was out I was big into tekken and soul calibur on the consoles. So im really into playing third strike now, but seems i missed the boat 'caus no one is online at all.

Amazing S. I too just picked up SF anniversary collection yesterday, I only found one person online who quit out before the match started. Whats your gamertag? Im online quite a bit unless im taking care of my son. My gamertag is Wolf Blad3 so feel free to message me. My goal is to at least reach the level I was at 10 years ago, but always playing against the computer and having a shitty fighting scene its impossible, so please… dont be afraid :wgrin:

Sweet, yeah buddy add me and we can play some matches. My gamer tag is Dr Gordo. When I made it I didn’t put an underscore inbetween the r and g but if it doesn’t work with a space try that.

So when you actually found someone to play what did you do? Just choose “quick match”? I tried quick match, create game, etc. and never found one all this week.

When you go onto the game over XBOX live there is usually only 1-3 people on at a time and it also depends on the time of day more people are on around 9pm-1am cause you know we have lives lol. If nobody is on I usually make my own game and wait till somebody picks it up but I also switch between the game and watching TV every minute or so just to check on if anybody has joined my match. Also don’t ever play this guy named CLIVE JACKSON he’s an Akuma player from across the pond who does nothing but fireball spam then jumps forward air fireball spam, jump back over and over and over again. Then if you actually get in and be the kid he quits on you.

If you’re trying to find online comp and have a way to hook your pad/stick up to the PC check out GGPO and 2DF. ( and ( Both have the game available to play online (both are free services) and both have a good amount of players online so you don’t have to worry about no one to play. (Also less laggy.)

I would so spend my day just making him /ragequit hahaha
AA Fireball anyone?

Yup, those 2 are the majority of third strike players in a nutshell.

GGPO is really solid, but I personally can’t get it to work. I’m not sure why, it just completely hates me.

I personally use 2dfighter, really solid over short distances and seems to work with most people. Very nice

I wish they would make a Mac version of GGPO or 2DF to work alongside PCs so everyone can get in on the fun I don’t mess around with PCs anymore due to all the viruses floating around and if I had a PC that worked properly it would only be to play GGPO only and thats just a waste of money

Exactly! Ive been done with PCs for a couple years now, I havent had a computer crash since then either.

Anyhow, even when it says there is 2 or 3 people online, it will connect and act like we are going to pick our fighters then boom… it throws me out of the game as if one of us were to quit. I used quick match everytime because opt. match NEVER says anyones available. This has happened about 10 times now, maybe because two people are searching and we both seem to connect but the other guy ends up in there? Oh well…

Dr. Gordo, tonight if your on man I will surely play with you, I apologize for seemingly ignoring you for 2 days. I talked my friend into getting HD remix so it didnt feel right to not play with him, I hope you understand. BTW… I SUCK! :wgrin: so dont expect nothing fancy out of me just yet. But im trying my best to improve. Take care, see ya soon.

You can add me to play over xbox live if you’d like I’m usually on mid day or between 8pm-1am eastern time

iThr0w is my gamertag and yes its a zero