Hello SRK! I am Ben

Hey guys I am Ben and I am new here. looking forward to this forum, would love to give suggestions on problems and would post queries too. Please ignore my mistakes at this point in time as I am new and trying to learn the hacks of this forums. Thanks


Welcome to SRK, hope you’ll enjoy it here and we’ll try to be helpfull when we can!

G’day Ben. What sort of fighting games do you play and what do you hope to learn? Hopefully the world warriors of SRK can help. Have fun here.

Incredibly vague post that doesn’t mention fighters at all or even make any sense? Seems like a bot to me.

Thanks @PurplePonyArcade! Hey not more of a fighting game fan anymore but I loved Chun Li, and I use to play KOF, SF and MK a lot. However, My younger brother is totally into fighting games! Every time I go to home from work I see him playing the Street Fighter on his ps4.

Haha, this bot is a living human being from Miami my friend. My name is Ben. Please refer to the comment made earlier on this thread.

PS: I did not know that I have to mention fighters in a Introductory thread or how to make sense for you, Jk.

Have a good day!

Then you’re in the right place. These forums have nothing to do with fighting games. Test Your Might is another good site for non-fighting game related stuff.

Everyone on here has touched a fighter at one stage or another but half the forum think Capcom should have stopped making games after CvS2.

Hi me.

Not gonna lie, this thread is hella cute.

hi ben pls give us ur opinion on frotting

Ben don’t google what frotting means

You too, Ben.

Nope not doing that. Nice try though :smiley: