Hello Portland, Maine

Who wants to play some?

I know there has to be at least a couple people after Street Fighter Snore. If not, Online MVC2 is doing it for me.:rofl:

Tourney in CT this weekend Ryan. Head down if you can/are in the area again


I don’t plan to travel to tournaments anymore as I have a real life, job, and school but thanks for the heads up Rob. Hope to see you on PSN for Marvel, I still got those 01 tactics!

I also have a real life, girlfriend, and a job AND i just made the move to a new apartment but i make it out consistently. No excuses kiddo.

Thats why fake lives are where its at. Feel sorry for you fools with real ones. Oh wait how am i typing this? Do i exist?

Whats up Grits? I live in Portland and am looking to play some real life people in some real games. Im trying to get a fight night going next thursday (and hopefully every thursday) in sopo. THe kids I know who play aren’t that good, but we are looking to level up. I’m looking to play more 3s and other games too.

Meh, Street Fighter isn’t that serious for me anymore. Definitely not 3 hour + drives serious. Living in Japan would make most people realize that putting in hours and hours of practice is a waste of time, all to get beaten up by little japanese dudes that all look the same.:xeye:

Edit: Also that tourney is all SF Snore right? I don’t play that garbage. =)

Matt, what games do you play? I only really play Marvel and ST/HD Remix these days. No interest in 3s or IV.

As far as leveling up my HDR Honda is/was considered one of the best on PSN and I play all SFII series games really well. Marvel I am terrible, and the other games I just don’t like.

id love to get some rounds in with actual people sometime. and CT is damn far away for a day trip.

even boston might be manageable.

Are you in Maine?

Hey, whats up Southern Maine?? Y’all playing SSF4?? I am finally coming through on hosting a game night at my house in South Portland, and the first one is this friday, the 30th. I hope this will bring a lot of people in the Southern Maine/ New Hampshire area out of the woodwork so we can all have fun and level up our skills and start to build our own local community. I have alot of room in my house so we will hopefully have multiple setups going (I only have one 360, so I will be leaning on some of yall to bring some equipment) with a variety of fighting games. Also beers (if your legal) are welcomed as well as various burnable plants. PM me for more info. Hope you can make it out Maine.

Just bumping it up. This is going down tonight anytime after 7pm in South Portland, come on by and play some games, meet some other players. PM for more info, I’ll reply when I get out of work this afternoon.

So I am throwing out an invite once again to anyone in Maine that would like to play some SSF4/fighting games this Friday 5/7 at my home in South Portland. Last week it was just some friends of mine that are still learning the game or aren’t as serious with it, but we all had a good time. PM me for more details if you want to stop by!

PORTLAND’s embarrassment of riches (Round 1):

What are you doing up there?