Hello! New to FGC, looking for advice

Greetings! I’m new to the fighting game community. I’ve been playing Street Fighter 2 fairly regularly since it first came out for the Super Nintendo in '92, I played Tekken 3 quite a bit what that came out as well, and I recently became kind of fascinated by the whole FGC so I’m looking to make new friends in the community and invest in a new console and arcade stick. I’ve always been a Nintendo devotee but I’m thinking it makes more sense to go with PS4 so I have the option of getting into SFV and Tekken 7. I’ve also never played Street Fighter Alpha or Street Fighter III but would probably get the 30th Anniversary edition when it comes out. Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!

PS: I read the rules for the GD and I think it’s ok to create an introduction thread here but please let me know if this should be in another forum category (or not exist at all).

Moved it to the right place. Never make an introduction thread in GD unless you want to see fireworks. :rofl:

anyways, welcome.