Hello from Gremlin Solutions!

Hi guys,
Just thought I would drop in and introduce myself. I’m Lee from Gremlin Solutions in the UK. We stock a wide selection of arcade parts, including Sanwa/Seimitsu & we are the authorized X-Arcade distributor for the UK. As well as all the parts and components, we can supply all the equipment needed for a cool games room.

We have just added a bunch of new products to the website, including Sanwa OBSF-30 & OBSN-30 Mix ‘N’ Match, Seimitsu PS-14-KN Mix ‘N’ Match, Joystick springs etc and we are constantly adding new products all the time.

Drop by the website and take a look - http://www.gremlinsolutions.co.uk

We can usually offer some discount for group/bulk orders and we ship worldwide.

If you have any questions or requirements then just give me a shout!


US customer here. Totally satisfied with my last two purchases from Gremlin. One of my favorite things about Gremlin is the Facebook group updates :slight_smile: Also, offering mix ‘n’ match is great, too!

+1 Have ordered from Gremlin several times and they have never disappointed. In fact that’s where I’ve sourced all my parts. Great to deal with.

Yeah, props to them. They do have great customer service, I’ve been using them for a couple of years plus.

Ah, Ive never heard of you guys before, I might give you a try sometime

Yeah you guys are great. I got a few bits from you last august and i just ordered some new buttons and a ball top from you yesterday. Get it to me quick like last time! My new stick art is waiting for it :woot:

I’ve used gremlin for parts for all my sticks and they’ve been great every time.

Jutman here, I purchase all my stock from Andy and Lee at Gremlin Solutions, super quick and reliable service! Recommended!

Hey guys - Thank you all for your positive comments and your continued custom :slight_smile:


Are you guys still in business? Noone seems to be responding to my emails.

I’ve been using them on a regular basis over the last few month (most recent order last week) they’re definitely still going!

+1 got my qanba from you, very happy with the service!

Would you consider stocking some of the FGC-made things such as the Link and LED kits? Having to order from focus attack (while having great service) is a pain for 2 weeks delivery.

Have ordered Buttons and a Qanba stick from them, always great customer service and quick delivery .

Just ordered my first mod from them… when my pay comes in and if the delivery is good I will be ordering buttons and a stick…i dont like to order online from places i dont know, but thanks to this thread i feel confident i will get my item


I am curious as to how long it takes to get things from you guys? Zip code 92025 San Diego/Escondido


Hi - We certainly are in business. There are always lots of enquiries through our website, Facebook page, eBay shop & over the phone and not enough hours in the day to respond as quickly as we would like sometimes, but we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Hello to all our regular & new customers.

Everything is good and orders are flowing freely. We seem to be getting an influx of overseas orders just lately, especially from the U.S. So a big thanks to all our new customers and also our loyal customers, who have shopped with us for years. We continue to add new products all the time and have a constant flow of parts arriving from Sanwa/Seimitsu and various other suppliers every other week, so no problems with stock movement.

We also have a wide range of the QanBa Q4RAF fight sticks, bags & accessories in stock - Ready to ship worldwide!

We are here to help if anyone has any questions or enquiries about any products. You can get in touch with us via our email, Facebook page or telephone.

Hi - Glad you like your QanBa - We appreciate your business. We are always looking to add new products and we may look into some of these products further. We are currently working on some unique QanBa Q4RAF artwork designs and hope to have these available soon!

Hello - We have many customers in the U.S. and ship orders there every week. Transit times can vary depending on a few factors, including any customs clearance delays, security checks for parcels travelling abroad etc… I would say from experience, most orders would be expected to arrive approximately 7 - 14 days once shipped. Hope this is of some help

I’ve only used these guys a couple of times but so far so good.