ha ha long time since this contest was up at artxilla, but well i’ve had a hell of a time getting my art online recently.

anyhow this was just me drawing up her design. i never got around to drawing a finished piece. i’m somewhat happy with this picture. i really like how the right Hand of Doom turned out. the only thing i knew was that i wanted to over-emphasize the size of the hand.

um, her neck seems a tad long for me, as well as the space between her collarbone and her breasts, also her navel seems a bit pronounced someone pointed out to me, and her legs are mucho fucked up but eh …


let me know.

Damn man that’s one big hand of doom.

And the gap between her thighs looks more like her pants being unzipped heh.:smiley:

But in all seriousness I think this drawing is really good. Small details like her folded pants look very stylish. The texture on the hand is pretty detailed too. And I like when people use flat blacks for hair… very cool.:smiley:

No it’s all good, mainly because she’s a demon so it gives you somewhat of a creative license to create her in any malformed shape; even though I forund nothing wrong with her anatomy in the pic. It’s cool!!!:cool:

Pretty sweet man. Long time no post. Yeah the gap inbetween the legs is the only problem I really see. It looks more straight forward than 3 quarters. Overall your attention to detail has gotton much better. Good shit man.

hey yakuza! :slight_smile:

Like the pic… Hand of Doom came out well, costume deign is cool. First thought was that it really smacked of Mignola’s style, which is good. (actually, esp good since we’re talking abt Hellboy-related stuff)

crits… beyond the thighs looking a tad bandy, I’d say focus on women’s proportions in comic books (or if you’d like, MAXIM, etc) - higher breasts, more defined hips, and play down the lines around the navel - they might be misconstrued as love handles, which do not look good on most comic characters.

I can dig the solid colour for hair, but even Mignola leaves a streak of highlight in there, which I feel is needed to lessen the sense of mass. Maybe also a curl or 2 wisping out towards the back… but that’s just me.

good pic, keep drawing man :slight_smile: