Heihachi Counter Combos

Has anyone been able to come up with any damaging combos as a followup to counter?

I have been messing around with this in training mode and it seems that you can only juggle once after counter.

My goto after counter is low forward cancel into dragon uppercut.

Has anyone found anything better/more damaging?

With meter to burn, low foward into dragon uppercut switch cancel or low foward into super. I don’t think there’s much more damage that can be dealt after the counter without meter.

Yeah, not much you can do afterwards.

Would probably be too powerful if you could do more damage.
C.mk xxDU+k, p is the best non-meter you can get, as far as I know.

If you got 1 bar (usually do)… then tag out and if you have a good switch partner. If he can’t do that much extra damage… then keep Hei in and try to get a 50/50 wake-up on them.

I go into Team Super if I have 3 bars. Big damage because there isn’t really any damage scaling.
You’ll get about 460ish damage from C.mk xxTagSuper.

Hence why I try to only use Heaven’s Wrath until late game. If you do it early game… people may start to bait it out. I save it for the end of a match to clutch it out.
Surprise them with it and kill them. If they are 50% hp in the last round and attacking me… I’ll go for the win.

But… you need 3 bars!
Hell of a strategy to pull off. More of a, “If I happen to be in that situation” kind of thing

Sick, I did not even think about going into cross art or super after counter. Usually online everyone is mashing boost combo, i’ll keep this in mind now.