Heihachi air game. anti-airs, best cross up, best air to air

I play yoshi/hei. I use yoshi to gain meter and do what yoshi does best, open up your opponent for full combo’s by using one bar to cross cancel. my yohsi game is just fine.

my problem is lacking with hei on screen. getting in trying to use high low mix-ups is a pain when the minute my opponent stops my pressure i have to worry about “free” jump ins. i know his cr. hp is a good anti-air from distance and i use that one as much as possible. but what are any other anti-airs i should look to use?

my second question is what is his best cross-up? i use j.hk which can cross up deep if it hits late. (ive hit opponents when i was barely inches from the ground before) but i rarely get a good cross up because of how easy it is to see it coming. does he have a more ambiguous cross up? ive heard his j.mp is but i still wasnt sure and havent tried it out yet.

thirdly i want to know if someone jumps at me whats my best air to air move to halt there assault?

thanks in advance for any advice =)

I advise reading through the forums.
“Probably” the first couple of pages of any Hei thread (where AA’s were likely to be discussed) or to guns1inger’s Heihachi thread where there is a section for AA’s.