Heavy spring for HAPP competition joystick worth buying?

I use a SFAC stick modded with a HAPP competition joystick and HAPP pushbuttons. When I first did the mod last year I felt that the spring that came with the HAPP stick was too loose, so I used the original spring that came with my joystick.

I started playing again and I think the stick feels way too loose for me. I noticed I can buy a HAPP competition spring that is supposed to help stiffen up the stick.

Is this spring worth buying? Do I have any alternatives?

Thats about it if you want a stiffer spring.

I think they sell them from Happ’s website and i think Lizardlick has them.

buy the hard spring. it makes a big difference and makes the competition stick feel much more firm.

Thanks for the help, I will give the hard spring a shot.

hard spring ftw!!!