Healthy Bacon Invented

Well technically it’s an algae that is healthier than kelp, but either way, this is a game changer, boys and girls.

I’m curious how it was done. Was this achieved through old-fashioned breeding, through a special form of cultivation, or through genetic manipulation, or a combination? That article is way too vague to deduce it from, ugh.

I kind of hope it was genetic manipulation, because then I can hold up “healthy bacon algae” as another counterpoint to “ERMAGERD MOSANTO” whenever the topic is brought up by people who doesn’t understand how this stuff works.

Bacon IS healthy if you don’t eat any carbohydrates. Unfortunately I do eat carbohydrates. That’s what makes your body retain it as fat.

Eh, taste is only half the battle though, it would certainly give a slad an extra something but it couldn’t replace bacon when you specifically want to eat bacon as it won’t have the same texture.

isn’t turkey bacon healthy alternative. I tried some before it was good actually…

So…it’s Facon? (or Fakon?) I’ll keep my unhealthy bacon thank you.

Got your healthy artificial bacon right here

Its in a salad, healthy!$(KGrHqQOKpcE6dvPB2ufBPijHMS-T!~~60_35.JPG

Why is this from domain ebay, so its being re-sold to the 2nd owner…

oh and going back to making sandwiches from some other conversation last week…

But bacon being unhealthy is the best bit.

Still haram.

How is an algae that happens to taste similar to bacon, haram?

Bacon is salty as balls and super high in saturated fat. If you make it past 50 on an all bacon/no carb diet, I envy you.

your not eating meat, your eating science

I think she died right before she hit 106 :frowning:

My exgf shed 30 lbs before i met her, on a mostly bacon diet. She’d cook shit like chicken breasts and asparagus fried with bacon. Had a fantastic ass too.

May have to try Dulse in my cooking adventures. $32 a lb doesn’t sound too appealing though. How much can you really get for a pound…

quite a bit it seems, and you’re not using it in abundance, more for a bacon flavour.

Oh that’s good then. Was thinking it was like most greens where you can buy them by the bunch but have to use up a good amount before having enough to fill the plate. Just gave me an idea for Dulse wrapped bacon /xzhibit.gif

lol yeah, you’re not making a salad with it, but it probably would be amazing in wraps and such.