Health Canada decision to allow prescription heroin will save lives, Pivot lawyer says

"Health Canada’s decision to provide prescription heroin to certain addicts will save lives in Vancouver, according to a lawyer representing them.

“This is a big step forward,” Pivot lawyer Scott Bernstein said Friday, referring to a decision to approve access to heroin for at least 15 participants exiting a Vancouver study."

its a few weeks old, but still. i searched and didnt find anything

free healthcare, f yeah!

even more reasons to move to canada :coffee:

Too bad it’s cold up there.

now, the question is… whats the next step? i mean, in the end, it’s free heroin for addicts, might aswell start smoking it

We have a conservative government. Think about that for a second and compare to, say, the Tea Party.

Heroin is my heroine.

Vote for Prop 308 to legalize medical cocaine.

Legalize Meth.

Feed a starving dentist.

I was gonna propose that we legalize common sense in the United States but the gov’t seems to be against it

I’m not surprised this is coming from Vancouver.

Medical cocaine actually is legal. Just sayin’.

“come on, doc, I’ll suck yo dick!!”

Medical heroin? What is morphine? What is Oxy? What is any opiate you are feinding for?

Haven’t docs been leading addicts off the brown through these methods for years?

There’s a Motley Crue song somewhere in this thread

If not, then definitely a song about Motley Crue.

Strangely appropriate