Health and Illness thread

You caught a stomach virus, a flu or any kind of shit yet? You got tips on dealing with illnesses or do you seek guidance? Sharing is caring!

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The only thing that sucks worse than being sick is someone else bitching about being sick.

Drink lots of fluids, overheat and wear warm socks to sweat out as much of the infection as you can, and get lots of sleep. There isn’t much else in the way of “tips”.

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Well geeze. What else should I have written? “Have you been sick? Share your experiences and stuff you’ve done to feel better.”? Not gonna write that shallow shit as an op for sickness thread.

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Sleeping more is usually the best solution for prevention

Wash your hands. A lot. Especially if you work in a restaurant/in a college town/anywhere where you handle money/etc. Keep sanitizer with you in case you’re not at liberty to wash your hands and you see people doing nasty shit nearby like coughing into their hands and touching a doorknob.

Vitamin C and zinc are only useful for preventative purposes–i.e. before you get sick. This time a year, you see a lot of advertisements for medicines with these ingredients that claim to be able to shorten your cold. Not true. The cold will last for its natural lifespan no matter what you throw at it, which is usually one or two weeks. Vitamin C and zinc are good for shoring up your immune system ahead of time, so that when you do get a cold, they kick its ass. There isn’t much use in ramming them down once you’ve already gotten a cold, except to prevent the next cold.

Don’t eat shitty food. Get plenty of nutrition. When building a meal, think protein first, then vegetables, and fill out the rest with some carbohydrates. The less processed your food is and the fewer ingredients it has in it, the better. Be wary of crap like fruit bars and fruit snacks–if it doesn’t expressly say what it’s made out of on the front of the box (e.g. full serving of fruit and no sugar added), it’s probably as bad as any other sugary snack that has nothing to offer healthwise.

Also, make sure you’re getting some water. ONE CAVEAT: the whole “eight glasses a day” thing is a myth. Technically, this is how much water your body needs, but the figure doesn’t take into account that you’re getting a good amount of water with your food. The rule of thumb is that if you’re thirsty or just feel like sipping on something, drink water. Soda and beer are like candy and pastries: good for a treat every so often, but not as a regular staple of your diet.

And the flu shot: get one. There’s no reason not to unless there’s a shortage, in which case children and the elderly are the main priority. Vaccinations don’t just improve people’s chances on an individual basis. The more people are vaccinated, the less vectors there are for the flu to spread, and the better the chances are for everybody.

And that’s how you improve your chances of staying healthy when nasty bitches are spreading contagious shit like a bunch of lazy ignoramuses.

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When in public:

Somebody coughs or sneezes, MOVE.

When you eat out in public, remember to wash your hands before you eat. Germs love humans.

Think about this, it’s costs a cheap amount of money to buy a fizzy drink. With that same money, why don’t you buy some lemons and make some lemon tea? I kid you not, I’ve been drinking that all year, and I’m yet to have a sore throat or a cough.

Make friends with fruits and vegetables, they really are good for you. And perhaps you should put takeaways in the friend zone, instead of running back to it every time. Those kinds of foods are unproductive for your body.

idk about zinc, but you’re backwards when it comes to vitamin C.

anyways, when i’m sure that i’m coming down with a cold i usually pound out a half gallon of oj (or pineapple or mango juice) and try to rest up.

Gargle with water, or brush your teeth, every time you go back to your house after being outside for a long time. It helps wash out any potential respiratory infections, or helps you recover faster if you do catch something. They do that a lot in Japan after riding in packed commuter trains.

Does sweating really help when you’re sick? I don’t see a benefit other than dehydrating yourself

The article is saying that people who take in a lot of vitamin C have shorter/less severe colds. It is not saying that taking vitamin C during a cold will shorten that cold.

Flash fact: coughing and sneezing into your hand or your closed fist is a big no-no. Not only does it turn your hand into a germ-spreading machine, but it also sprays germs around in every direction, including on all the people and surfaces around you. In short, it’s the 21st century. If you’re still holding your hand up to your mouth while coughing or sneezing, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, cough and sneeze into your elbow. It’s much better at containing the spray and it’s much less likely to come into contact with people and things.

I rarely get sick, and when I do it’s because dirty motherfuckers come to work sick when they should have stayed home.

For dealing with it, at least 2 days of uninterrupted sleep/bed rest, Tylenol Severe Cold/Flu pills, lots of ice water, and plenty of fresh fruit, cold apple slices do the trick for me. If you still feel shitty after that then consult a doctor because it’s probably AIDS.

Also after brushing your teeth, mix water with peroxide, rinse and gargle, then use mouthwash, then rinse completely with plain water. Proceed to floss. Rinse again.

I’m pretty OCD when it comes to dental care.

Flu shot helps but does not prevent the flu, so it’s your choice if you want to get them but it’s recommended that you do. The flu is seven days regardless, just make sure you check your temperature constantly. Anything over 103F calls for you go to hospital.

Handwashing is a must. Do this before you eat. If you’re sick and you eat make sure to incorporate some protein (which chicken noodle soup has.) Vitamin C helps the immune system as well as sleep.

Getting colds in the winter is easier because you’re confined to places easily so you’re constantly around the bacteria, viruses. Also places like school and work are good places to catch colds since those people spread the bacteria through surfaces and this is where hand washing comes into place. If you work in health services, you’re at increased risk so make sure to wash hands.

I’ve always wanted to know about this as well,

The sweat is a side effect of your body raising it’s temperature. Heat is always good at killing most bacteria (that’s why we cook meats) so yes the sweating does help you. Just make sure you compensate with fluids.

Anyone have any tips on not sweating? I sweat really easily when I’m dancing, stretching, doing martial arts/fighter, or even walking. However, I was told during a sparring match with my friend that I was expending too much energy, which I feel I do even when walking, and I tend to get hot easily. However, this is all usually happening only during the heat, so I’m practically dry during any other season except for summer.

Also, I have a driving phobia. At first, I didn’t think about getting my license during high school because of a car accident that I kept using an as excuse, but now I actually grow anxious behind the wheel at times.

Onion vapors can cure pink eye.

I just drank a jar full of heavy syrup and I feel great!