Headphones suggestions?

I’ve had bad luck with headphones and earbuds. I was very content with Koss Portapros, but i’m on my 4th pair now, and they seem to die…a lot (especially on the right side). I’m pretty cheap since I want to save money right now, but my Zune earbuds are apparently trying to die on me, so I want to order something else. I just have a few restrictions:

-Needs to be cheap. I’d like a $40 limit, and even then, I’ll be a little hesitant to go that high. (I’d like to buy on Amazon, so I can use Prime for fast shipping)
-In-ear earbuds and anything that clip on the ears is out.
-I’ll be using them on my computer, with my Xbox 360, and my Zune HD, so I need something that’s relatively portable (not required but preferred)
-Not a fan of the Skullcandy design (that large skull on them just seems too flashy for me). Not a deal-breaker, but far from a deal-maker.
-I don’t want nor need a microphone. Not sure how often I ask about headphones and people start to suggest overpriced headsets. (although a headset would be nice, just isnt what I’m looking for)
-Should go without saying but the standard 3.5mm headphone jack is what I’m looking for.

We have a headphones thread.