I was playing casuals with my friend, and he got 8 hits out of a headcrush.
Can anyone tell me how to get the most hits out of a headcrush?

I’m not sure but I think you have to connect it from full screen and mash the buttons to get the most damage.

Usually, whenever I see people get more than 3-4 hits, they are either mashing or the opponent landed on the HC instead of getting hit dead on by it.

mashing the buttons gets you more hits
the best way to mash is to alternate between the two punches and two kicks

ive never seen or heard of more den 4 hits on a headcrush but den again im still new to mvc2 but juggy is one character dat i use more den n e. usually da 4 hitter suits me fine cuz ill combo from j. hp, c.lk, c. mk, eathquake punch xx headcrush and say bye bye to a lil more den half life and glitched… forget it!! itll leave most character one standing jab away from death but

Do you ever play arcade mode? The computer is extra good at mashing, whether it be Tron’s drill or Juggy’s HC (I always see the computer Juggs get above 4 hits on the HC.) Other than that, I usually get above 4 hits on accident, most of the time they land on my head after the special has started with an assist like Psy.

yea ive seen a tron get 12-14 on the drill alone but i cant think of n e occasion on which a headcrush has gone above 4 hits mayb its jus me cuz i personally kno how damaging it can b so i jus rush him down and dont give n e shot at gettin a headcrush off but mayb ill take it easy da next few times i play a juggy in arcade and keep an eye out 4 it

i found something out yesterday by total accident and i felt it necessary to share… i found the best way to open a match… i had juggy/cable/cyclopsAAA… start with c.lk and simultaneously call cyclops if they block which they probably will ull end the c.lk with time and theyll still be blocking the uppercut and beam of cyclops so jus normal jump forward with hp whale them on the head and land with w/e u want and headcrush… almost half life gone within 5 seconds… feed back?

Just mash as soon as he hits. Thats it.

And i"ve gotten 20+ hits with tron on a mashed drill alone…I think I highest I’ve gotten is 34 hits. s.lp, s.lp = 5-6 hits, fierce drill for the rest of the hits.

ur a genius man! i tried it and it works perfectly! I easily managed to get 6-7 hits on my first few tries. I was able to get all 8 after a couple dozen tries. Here is what I found out myself:
:rock:the best way to place your hand is to point your middle finger towards the stick
:rock:then wave your hand in quick, short burst along a vertical axis(punch-kick…)
:rock:remember to also use the stick or u won’t be able to get all 8(u can get 6)
:rock:i move between the upleft up upright so i won’t accidentally dhc

try it, it really works!
post if it works for u or if u have more tips.

I can’t get it to work properly. When should you start mashing it?

I start mashing as soon as it hits and its worked about 90% of the time for me.

sweet. Every bit of this helps because I suck that much @ doing it :rofl: one of the weirdest mashing techniques i’ve ever came across and i’m an OG when it comes to street fighter. I wonder how the hell this was figured out… previous games maybe?

I’ve done it a handful of times but I explained it to a friend he’s getting it pretty consistently now.

What stick motion is the easiest to do this with? I tried the upleft through upright and i’m not comfortable with that. I’m feeling the left and right shake but is there something that can be consistent?

i dont even wiggle the stick. I just mash.

i posted this a long time ago in the newbie thread, but i think it’s gone now.

anyway, just as someone described, it’s this simple:

take your right hand, put 2nd and 3rd finger over HK and HP respectively.

take your left hand, put 2nd and 3rd finger over LK and LP respectively.

alternate between the 2nd and 3rd finger on each hand, and you get 8 hits consistently. it also helps that i’ve played the piano for 13 years, so this is basically a trill with your 2nd/3rd fingers, … but regardless, i think anyone can do it.

Haha at piano tactics. Whatever works is always the only way to go.