HDR League; Check if interested

I have posted this thread over in the HDR section. I know there are still quite a few of you that play this game and Geneijin and I are creating a league to corral everyone. I think you all will be pleased. It will be good times and for those looking to get better the competition looks good. It will be very flexible and should be able to accomodate just about everyone.

Hoping to start it in about a week or two.
Here is the site geneijin has made:

You can put me down

I’m interested but without a fixed schedule I never know what nights I’m usually available and what nights I’m not.

Maybe next then moonchilde. I really want people who can commit. The problem with “fixed schedules” is it doesnt work for everyone. What I am hoping for is with giving everybody 7 days to play a max of 5 opponents they can figure it out and get their matches in. Most people who have signed up, seem to play this regularly anyways. I’m just trying to corral some of them.

If you are already thinking you might not be able to play I would rather you not as it will mess up the matrix. Hopefully this season goes well and if you like what you hear you can consider the next one…if there ends up being one. And this goes for everyone thinking about joining.

Thanks for looking though.

Ok I’d like to see the first season go really well and see how other people deal with it. I’ll keep an eye on this for sure!

I’m down

sure, im down. long as theres plenty of opponents. maybe u should drag it out another week ma brother.

enforcer04, hado-king and sliphole79, you all have been added on the main thread. Sliphole79 check the thread above and you will see there are 21 people already signed up for ps3. The limit is 30 as I dont want this to get out of hand as well as I want it to be flexible enough so everybody can play their matches. Competition looks fierce.