HDR #1 Headband Tourney

He it has been a while since we have done a tourney amungst us but I thought this might be cool.

Hold a tourney as normal like we have done in the past. Once the winner is determined then that player will have the #1 headband. From that point on he can receive challenges for the headband and first to 10 either keeps it or gets it.

Could be fun, what do you guys think? BTW, I am no good at organizing tournies so those who have done it in the past would have to do it once again. Thoughts?

LOL@afro samurai reference.

Yeeeeeeeeup that’s the idea :smile:

I think this is a pretty cool idea simply because there would be an ongoing, tangible reward for winning.

It would be like a belt in MMA. The winner would hold onto the headband during the interim between “seasons” and then it would be up for grabs again at the beginning of the next one.

To go even further, I think it would be cool to have the names of each “seasons” winner written on the headband, and then when the headband fills up (that is, if the seasons go long enough) you could have a tournament of champions and the winner of that gets the headband framed and the first new blank headband.

I think it’s interesting; providing someone who just claimed Top dog doesn’t bail or something by changing PSN names just to annoy others and ‘‘keep the title’’.

Yea i was thinking more along the lines of a local tournament so the winner would get it right away. that’d be a cool way to do it

I could do it just hit me up with details.

If we did this I would set rules like a player has 3 days to accept a challenge if not the headband owner would be determined by another tourney. Ultimately the owner of the headband would have to stay active to keep it, but the headband should really only be taken if earned.

Thanks Ragin. If we get enough interest I’ll draft out the rules. I don’t want to spend the energy if not too many peeps are into it.

This sounds like fun!!!

Motherfucker, you make me wanna go but the Afro Samurai game now. I hate you, I don’t wanna spend money. On that note, Half-Ro is now Halfro-Samurai, and will only be approached as such, simply cause it ryhmes and make me laugh.

I like it. Sounds fun lol. I would be interested to participate.

heheh that headband would look great on my sagat haha

T.hawk needs another headband.

and casino. He getting tired of Balrog fighting in his shit.

I’m so in… always wanted to see chun with a ryu type headband lol or cammy for that matter!

OK, I am starting an official list of interest. This might move to SFIV being that this week is the release and all but I’ll let the masses decide.

#1 Headband entrants:


Cut and paste your name onto the list please. I will try to stay on top of this but please remember I have a life. I will shoot for this weekend, deadline for sign up will be this Thursday the 19th. Raging if you could help with the managing of the tourney itself I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.