HDE Converter (360 TE to PS3)

This didn’t get the hype I expected so here’s a thread.

A user named the_judge posted in the Converter thread that there’s a converter that supports using the 360 TE on a PS3. I am not personally vouching for this (I do not own a TE or PS3), but I believe it warrants discussion. It is the first converter I am aware of that supports the TE.

Again, I am not endorsing this product. I believe we should get it in the hands of MarkMan, laugh etc to see if it’s legit. If anyone picks one of these up (they are cheap) please post your impressions. It may be a poor mans alternative to dual modding if it pans out.

I have one of these, but I’ve never tried 360 to PS3. (don’t own a PS3) I know that the PS2 to 360 and PS2 to PS3 works perfectly fine with no input delay. I’ll look into using a 360 TE and maybe some other sticks on PS3.


Guess I’ll have to give it a try, thanks for the heads up!

Damn me and my typos.
Several months back, striderzer0 posted a youtube video which displays the converter and demonstrates his PS2 stick working on both 360 and PS3, along with his 360 stick working on PS3. (Both of which are custom sticks).
Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knXhtSGpbms

Another piece of info, when converting PS2 to 360, after you have used your wired controller to bypass the security, and the controller has been recognized by the console, you can just unplug the 360 wired controller, and your PS2 controller will still function properly.

I finally got my hands on a Xbox360 TE Stick to use with the adapter to ps3.

I’m no Markman but I was able to do some combos and didnt notice or was effected by input delay.

The only issues were that I also had a directional input get stuck like judge said in the other thread but when I moved in another direction every thing was fine. And the fact that the guide button light keeps flashing.

I wonder just how different these adapters are because I didnt get mine from amazon and the image from amazon theres a version that has P3 written on it where mine doesnt. Could there be completely different SKUs that differ significantly in preformance

Thanks for the video. That looked legit.

so this converter needs a wired xbox 360 controller to be able to convert ps3 stick to play on 360?

I don’t know about this converter. Signals getting stuck problem verified by a few users and a ton a of negative rating on amazon make me very very weary of the product. Any product that has a chance to randomly act weird when Im at a tournament is a no-go for me.

Of course, this problem is one of the tiny reasons I cannot necessarily recommend this converter. I have still yet to come up with the issue again, after 2+ months. I can imagine that one would really have problems if this were to come up mid-tournament. I have used this converter in 3 MK tournaments, and a problem never arose during tournament use.

On the topic of the Amazon reviews, you must realize that very few actually post positive reviews on products. There may also be an inconsistency in converters from them, as I have used every 360 controller I possess with success via the converter (Even the XIM3).

EDIT: striderzer0 posted in the regular converter thread that PS1/2 controllers users do have a way to access the Guide/Home hold function. This is done by holding the Select+Up (on dpad). This will allow you access to the Guide/Home on a PSX Digital-Only controller, and allow one to properly reassign the controller # on the PS3.

works good just gotta use a wireless controller for the 360 guide button

Picked this up and it worked fine until just now. Refusing to read the 360 controllers I plug into it for the home button, and obviously doesn’t work at all without that part. Don’t have a PS3 nearby to test on atm. Any ideas what could have caused this?

How funny, I just came here to report on this very issue…

In response to my earlier comment about using Select+Up to access the Xbox Guide, apparently my specific PS1 digital controller is not capable of having both Select and Up held at the same time. It seems that when Select and Up are pressed, they immediately cancel each other out as if there are no buttons being held down on the controller. Due to such, I am incapable of using the Xbox Guide button even with the wired controller still plugged in. When plugged in, the converter also briefly holds down the Xbox Guide button long enough to trigger the menu where you can turn off your 360.
Previously, I had used a Dualshock 1 as the controller I was converting, where no such issue existed.

Basically, I would file this issue under odd controller incompatibility.
@Kowtowrobinson: Can you post the specific model of PS controller you are trying to convert to 360?

original PS1 pad, and PS2 dualshock. Both previously worked when connected with either a 360 TE stick or Razer Onza as the home button controller, and when I tried them last night they were like nope, sorry.

I have many many adapters and this one work as a charm


^ That drops inputs.

Anybody else try out the HDE yet?

Does anybody know if this is the one MastaCJ uses?

So did anyone buy this adapter and does it have any input lag?