HDBox Pro for PS2 480i - Screenshots?

I’m currently thinking about buying an HDBox Pro so that I can can play my PSX/PS2 fighting games on my monitor for a reasonable price. One concern however, is that many say that the picture for a 480i display through the converter is blurry. As I can’t seem to find any screenshots of a 480i game being used on the HDBox Pro, I’m just wondering if anybody who owns one of these converters could post screenshots showing the image quality of a game running in 480i on the box, as opposed to 480p; or if one could lead me to a page with screenshots of the converter running a 480i game. Thanks!

480i on a monitor is always going to look worse than it does on your standard tv. It’s a lower resolution than your monitor was meant to display.

And a screenshot won’t really accurately show you the difference because of the way interlacing works.

How it really looks depends on your monitor. What size monitor are you using and what is the native resolution?

my equipment: PS2 + HD Box Pro + HP w2408h monitor
run ps2 games in 480i output

HD BOX Pro can set resolution from 640 by 480 to 1920 by 1200…

there are some screenshot(HD Box Pro resolution set as 1920 by 1200, ratio set to 4:3) :

Cool! Thanks for the pics Squall. They don’t look bad at all in 480i. At least it’s not as big of a drop in quality as I feared it would be. I’ll definitely get one of these now :).

BTW I have an HP A7217A AKA a GDM-FW9000; 22.5", 16:10. Best $260 I ever spent! :wgrin:

I found this review on another forum… hope it helps you