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Hi there…

Myself like many people have started to buy smaller desktops that are quiet and use them in conjunction with my HD TV in teh lounge room… like on console, but with all the billions of extra features and stuff that PCs have always had. For example I have a full HD Media player system running XBMC(win) as well as emulators (from mame to consoles), dosbox, scumvm and a host of other things.

Anyway… with this new “lounge room” pc thing going on in many homes… and it is, even if you are not into it. I was just wondering if there will be a move for more console titles to come out on PC. I know a lot already do… but it is definatly lacking in fighting games… and in any game that is still an arcade port originally, or has an arcade root “ancestor”

Like Street Fighter 4 was on PC and it was (as far as my own abilities were concerned) exactly the same as my 360 version. In fact I prefer the PC version as I have a way better frame rate. Still there is no announcement of SvM3 or SSF4 for PC… and most other fighting games like FF, BB MK, and stuff are not ported at all.

Anyway… Anyone that is into FPS competitive pvp will most likely agree that the PC, if not the best, is a valid platform for fps combat games. Often the GFX are better, the gameplay is the same, and some argument is about as to if the controllers are better…

Still. I am not a hardcore player… I just think that PC gaming is starting with teh advent of all teh modern cards having built in HDMI outs to be a viable “console” style gaming platfourm, as well as being able to do so much more and I would like to see more Fighting Games on it SF and MK and FF especially, as fps and rts has proven that there are lots of competitive pvp gameplay to be found on pc

I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts on this are?

any thoughts on this?

Or at least is SSF4 and SvM3 going to be released on pc?

WTF is SvM3…

This is something I’ve been wanting do do as well. My biggest issue with console as media players is that you will always run into a compatibility issue that may not resolvable, but, with a PC, you can always find a a codec/player that rectifies that issue.

As for gaming, I’d like the PC platform to be more supported, but because of rampant pirating, its not going to happen as easily as it would on consoles. Granted you can mod a 360/Wii, its not as easy as PC pirating.

I really do wish for a one console future because I don’t like dividing the online community and its easier for developers to focus on one SDK, but I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Um sorry I am badly dyslexic… I meant MvS3… Marvel vs Street Fighter 3

As a media player… defiantly nothing better at the moment.

Pirating on teh PC is not as bad as you might think. For years now pretty much any online game is immune as you need valid serials to play online with teh servers. Games like Left 4 Dead or w/e are pretty much immune unless you are a hardcore pirate and play on slow laggy home servers… There is pirating … but it is just as rampant on wii or 360… just do a serch for any game title… and you will find the iso just sitting there.

Well the thing is that most games START life as a PC game and are then ported. That is why pc and console gaming has really started to cross over… cause by makign teh console version (well teh 360 version) you have basically made a Pc version as well. I am in the homebrew game dev scene (not for money I just make silly games as a hobby… hey , my dad fixed up cars I make games) anyway… many engines… even simple ones can compile DIRECTLY to pc, or 360 with out a single change in the code… just linking to different includes/classes…

Anyway, I am not talkign about teh death of consoles… I am just thinking that the time is getting here, if not alredy that a Pc with a gamepad and a wireless mouse keyboard can be a perfectly good console, media player, recorder… well … everything. Capcom has already released SF4 on steam and D2D… I just really hope that other developers of fighting games start to do this as well.