HD Remix tourney at Munchies in Suisune CA TODAY STARTS at 4pm

ill delete this thread after today but i just want to get the notice out to all the hdr plaers in nor cal that want to come to a tourney and play hdr.

its at munchies the same day as the SF4 tourney but i have to trow it earlier then sf4 because of how small the space would be if we ran 2 tourneys at once.

so here we go !

HD remix

tourney sign ups start at 2pm and will end at 4pm

entry fee $7

double elimination akuma will be banned.

played on xbox 360

hope all can make it.

274 Sunset Ave # G
Suisun City, CA 94585
(707) 427-2673?

Munchies is an awesome coffee shop in Suisun City that lets us throw weekly tournaments at their store. It is very comfortable, with plenty of space and ventilation. There are also refreshments and snacks on the spot. Very chill environment.

It’s easy to get to off of I-80 or highway 12.

sorry about this being so last minute guys but I really hope most can make it.


They sell lumpia here. Get your pilipino on.