HD remix please help

How in the world do you deal with tick throws in this game? I was playing on PSN earlier and got totally destroyed by throws. (Especially Blanka) And when I do see the tick throw coming from a thousand miles away, I still cannot throw them first or soften it.

Any advice will help, thanks.

A few things:

  1. You can’t soften holds (Blanka’s bite, Dhalsim’s noogie, etc.), but you can shake out of them. To do so mash the buttons and wiggle the stick. The quicker you start doing this once the hold begins, the faster you get out. Also, the more inputs you mash the quicker you will get out. Most people use a diagonal to diagonal swivel on the stick and either piano all the buttons or wave your hand across them.

  2. If you get thrown with a normal throw (Not a SPD, Ochio), you have 13 frames IIRC to soften it. So, if you throw about the same time they do it should be easy to soften. If you’re not getting that then a)You’re doing it too early or b)Lag is screwing you, causing you to see the throw late. In the first case, my advice is to double or triple tap the button. That should help so that even if your first input is too early the second still softens the throw.

  3. Each character has a different throw range. Blanka has the best, other than special throws (ex. SPD). Sometimes you literally can’t throw them, but they can throw you. In general, in the SF2 series if you really expect them to throw you the way to beat it is not with a tech/soften like in later games. The correct answer is to use a reversal (SRK, etc). Since this game doesn’t have EX moves, you can piano the buttons quickly one after another to get more chances at getting your counter move out as a true reversal. So, for instance let’s say you’re Ryu and you block a slide from Dhalsim and you think he’s gonna throw you after that. The correct way to counter this is to block the slide, the input SRK motion + HP~MP~LP.

Good luck!

Fine post indeed sir!

First off, what character(s) are you playing?

A TREMENDOUS amount of how HDR strategy breaks down, depends on which two characters are in the matchup. Each character has both (1) a unique set of strengths and (2) a unique set of weaknesses. So when two characters square off, it’s how their respective strengths/weaknesses match up against each other that dictates a major component of how each approaches the match.

HDR is frequently a game of “scissors-paper-rock”. And figuring out the best way to defeat an opponent’s throw strategy comes down to figuring out (and using) what options work best against it. In many cases, trying to counter a throw with your own throw is not the strategy you want to use. (especially if they are using a character who has a much larger throw range than you and they can set up throws that you cannot use your throw against)

if you see a tick-throw coming, beware that if you’re in a duck block position you may not have enough time to react as it takes a frame for your char to stand up to reversal, etc and you’ll be thrown by then.

It does take time to crouch and stand, but attacks and throws ignore that. If you input towards or backwards + throw button at the reversal frame, you get the throw. Unless you have buffered the motion for a special attack, the enemy is not in range, or some other obvious stuff. Similarly, if you are crouching and input neutral + punch, you get a standing punch right away.

Thank you for this, the recent HDR thread that’s been getting a lot of attention has got me interested in HDR again.