HD Remix Bugs Thread

I love HD Remix so far, but it is not without its flaws. Here are the bugs I’ve found so far:

  1. Name/Lifebar/Rounds - When participating in “player” matches, I often have incorrect names displayed for my characters. They are usually the same names from a previous match. The lifebars are also maxed out the entire match, so I have no idea how much or how little life I have left during a match. Lastly, the Rounds indicator shows 3 victories for both characters the entire time.

  2. Character “Teleporting” and weird lag glitching. - When in lag, instead of the action simply slowing down like in Hyper Fighting, character display jumpes large amounts of frames at a time. Some other weird shit happens too. Sometimes I will say jump in for kick on say Ryu. The game will show me hitting Ryu with the kick successfully, but then a second later I will see myself falling down from a Dragon Punch. This means I am viewing incorrect action on the screen. Naturally you would start comboing after successfully jumping in and scoring for a kick. Meanwhile in actuallity you were reversed, and you are inputing offensive commands while you should be defending.

  3. Music - Often times I get no music during matches. Alas, as far as the remixed tracks are concerned, this may be a blessing in disguise.

I’m sure Backbone is aware of these issues, but I just wanted to post what I have seen so far. Has anyone else experienced these glitches, or some that I haven’t mentioned?

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Yea I have experienced them too, but only the music(espeically on fei long stage) and the character glitching…its annoying!
Lets hope they can fix these bugs ASAP.:shake:

Glitch 3 (No music) happens to me all the time and glitch 2 (Character teleporting) happens to me every once in a while. I thought glitch 2 was normal though for really laggy games since similar stuff happens in FPS’s all the time.

I found this bug in the 360 version. Can anyone else confirm?

It happens when playing local VS matches and you go into the control options. As soon as you’re done and press accept, the game freezes. You can still hear the music but nothing else happens. The only thing you can do is press the guide button and exit + restart the game. It happened to me on 4 occasions. I even turned the 360 off and tried again and the same thing happens.

Also, the first time I went into control config in the main menu and set the buttons, they the 2 trigger buttons wouldn’t work. That’s when I went into the options in-game and found the freeze.

I have found a very strange bug and it won’t happen often but when it does get ready for some severe slowdown.

It happens when Ryu’s fireball dissipates.

That’s why you won’t see it often because rarely does someone move the screen back far enough continually for this to happen.

I think this happens every time without fail and the other day it was even worse because right as my fireball dissipated the opponent did Ryu’s super. The game slowed down so bad that I couldn’t input anything for about 3 seconds.

how about the game straight stalling?? ive had a few blackscreens and also lock ups mid match. anyone else??

EDIT: the_cheat addressed it:woot:

I have experienced this minus the slow down. I did the red fireball and my opponent kept jumping backwards. then jumped straight up at the end of the screen. Right under him the fireball started to dissipate but the spites got larger and it looked almost like a mini explosion under the opponent. It took me by surprise!!

well this is kinda funny bug i found

this happened to me when a blanka was doing his electricity attack and i went for the hooligan throw and connect with the frankenstiener throw.

apparently i think that cammy is suppose to get hit by the electricity and the damage motion of her being electrocuted activated and thats when the frankenstiener throw actually keeps going and throws blanka.

well what happen is that the electricity effect that surrounds a player when being electrocuted just stays around cammy till the end of the round. (or hit by the electricity again)

looks kinda cool really

There is a bug thread 13 pages long http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=168734

i shocked sagat with blanka’s electricity and Sagat had an electric bolt orbiting him for the rest of the match, even in later rounds

ive had that happen to me with vega being shocked by blanka kinda looked dope lol

Not really a big deal, but I noticed that for online play they use the same winning quote every time. Doesn’t affect gameplay so I don’t know why I’m bitching.

The 2 I see the most are the rating never changing… I think everyone is seeing this.

The other is the red health bars and 3 wins for both players. Ths actually happens to me A LOT in player matches when I stay in a room for a while. Also around this time you can bet the music will be gone shortly after.

they should add the option to leave the game as a spectator at anytime, instead of having to wait for the game to start ~_~

Found this random bug which is so awesome I can’t believe it. Here it goes.

I picked Akuma in ranked and my opponent is dhalsim.

Randomly in the match I just jump over him, while jumping over him he does his special which stayed in the same direction meaning I am NOWHERE NEAR THE DAMN FLAME.

So I land behind him and I am on the complete OPPOSITE side and I go for c.short xx hadouken and I GET HIT WITH FRICKEN FIRE OUTTA NOWHERE.