HBO Max Thread: Out now at $14.99/month - All 2021 WB movies will debut in theaters and HBO Max on the same day

HBO Max brings together HBO, a Robust Slate of New Originals, and Programming from Warner Bros., New Line, DC Entertainment, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, The CW, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Looney Tunes and More

Warner Media has officially announced their new streaming service…combining all of Warnermedia’s properties into one portal. Ready for debut on 2020.

Wonder if Netflix higherups feel salty for canceling One Day at a Time?

I’m personally hyped…now bring back Doom Patrol, Constantine, and Swamp Thing you cowards.

Legit forgot Warner Media owned Crunchy Roll. I knew they owned Cartoon Network/Adult Swim and everything else but forgot about Crunchy.

This streaming service if done right could be the only legit rival to Disney+

Rooseter Teeth and Crunchyroll are basically my TIL…

I wonder if VRV is going to be absorbed into this new streaming service or if they’ll let VRV still be it’s own thing. Almost all of VRV’s content is owned, distributed, produced or financed by Warner Media.

Also this seems like the death knell for the DCU streaming service. Maybe CrunchyRoll as well.

This shit is a lot bigger than I really realized. Like the streaming wars are going to be a legit thing now.

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Give me Doom Patrol season 2 you fuckwads.


Geez, another streaming service? That name is stupid and will be confusing.

Netflix already has millions of people’s credit card numbers, I don’t think they’re going anywhere. I’d say Amazon is safe, too, because they will profit whether they stream or not, and some of their shows have been critically acclaimed. And Disney owns most of Hulu, so that’s not going anywhere, either.

It might be tougher than they think to crack into this market, especially with a dumb ass name like HBO Max. Sounds like a cross between HBO and Cinemax, which is also owned by Warner and AT&T.

Yeah. But Netflix is losing content that people want to sign up to see left and right due to these new streaming services popping up. The Office and Friends leaving Netflix is a huge deal. Not to mention once Disney’s contract is up with them they’re going to pull all their content. Same with Warner Media when their contract is up. Also they tend to cut a lot of their original content off at the knees before they can get going. More and more people are leaving Netflix because of all these things.

They’re also super focused on pumping out comedy specials and bad Netflix movies with Adam Sandler for some reason. So They desperately need to evolve their platform in someway.

Yeah. Amazon doesn’t really care about their streaming service, tho. They have a few good shows and a few coming down the line but honestly Prime Video is barely worth mentioning.

Yeah. I know. Disney is smarty though. They will likely make a bundle subscription for both.

The name is fine and HBO is one of the most recognized premium channels in the world. Especially now thanks to GoT. It’ll be an easy sell. Also when looking at how many channels/film studios/IP’s/etc they own. They’re going to be offering a lot more than Netflix and Prime Video.

One of the most important things though will be price point.


Probably THE most important thing.

A lot of people already have HBO Now. You think they’re going to stop offering that through other services? I get mine as an add-on through Hulu. And will HBO Max have all the premium content like the entire show catalogue and the ability to stream episodes as soon as they air?

Maybe. I wouldn’t be surprised. Why offer their services to a competitor?

Maybe? Likely. We don’t really know what’s going to happen. But if Warner Media and Disney are smart—which they are they’re going to start pulling content, offers of their content from other streaming services and absorbing their other other streaming services so they can umbrella all of them into one service. I get Disney won’t be able to do that right away with Hulu despite owning the majority of the service but it will likely happen sooner than later. Easier access for customers means more money for them. They’d be stupid not to.

Like I said, once Disney+ and HBO Max officially launch the real streaming wars is going to happen. The big 3 (Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max) are going to be doing everything that can to get customers to their platform.

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It would be foolish if they pulled their HBO Now services and not offer the same content through Max.

What an oddly specific name considering all the different channels/sources involved.

So this seems like the true rival of Disney plus.

It’s not a big deal. They lost some stuff but a lot of their original shows and films are gaining traction. Stranger Things is the biggest thing going right now. There was a lot of buzz for their original movies like Bird Box, Black Mirror Bandersnatch, Bright, the third Cloverfield movie. They’ve increasing becoming more known for their original content then whatever was popular 20 years ago.

The streaming wars is already here and it’s been going on for years. Amazon is a big player and shouldn’t be brushed off.

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Despite all their original content that Netflix has been making…Friends and the Office has always been at the top of Netflix viewings. Losing both shows is not something to brush off.

I have no issue with the name…the video pretty much explains what it is.

HBO removed boxing, dropped.

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Kind of funny how I was talking to my wife about Netflix content. Netflix has a fuckload of good content still. Truckloads of it. Also has a lot of good children’s peogramming on deck.

But I’m sure you trendy 20 somethings only care about binge watching Sex and the City and the last season of Game of Thrones.

Not sure why…but I read that the ending was not good.

The ending was a mess but for most teen-ish dramas that are around long enough for every hetro pairing of the main cast not taboo by family relation to have been achieved (some repeated two or three times) that is the case.

But who the hell do match Blake Lively?

So Doom Patrol will also be on HBO Max…now do the same for Swamp Thing.


I had figured the DC Universe stuff would land on another AT&T streaming platform but I was hoping it would be VRV.