hbfs with leds



If I put these mx rgb switches into the push button will it just work?

Its just a Switch with a clear casing, the red Cherry MX RGB switch is identical to a regular red Cherry MX other than a clear casing.
It’s does not light up RGB unless you also include a RGB LED.

The mx rgb switch doesn’t have a built in led?

I found a data sheet for the MX Cherry RGB red switches

Yep, the switch does not include the LED.
It states the Switch is designed to be used with conjunction of a board mounted SMD LED.

As you see here with a regular MX Red switch there is a space for a LED

On the RGB Red Switch, there is no space, just what looks like a blanks section.
It was designed and intended to be used with a SMD RGB LED mounted on the board.

Oh, thank you so much.

If I were to connect an led to the HBFS button’s circuit would that function to make it light up when pressed?

No, you need a way to power the LED. There are controller boards designed to do this.

What kind of controller board should I get if I’m looking to use hbfs buttons?

It depends what LED’s and what you plan to do with them. Check out this thread about the Kaimana Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!

If I use something like this


Would the Kaimana work? From that thread I see lots of ribbon cables, would those be compatible?

Also, I want to light up a total of 14 buttons for a hitbox. Would that controller support this?

sadly the cherry mx switches can only house a 3mm RGB led not the 5mm. Technically I believe those can work with a kaimana with an adapter board that is sold on paradise arcade shop. Sadly the only 3mm RGB option seems to only cycle through colors by itself and can only do Red, Green, and Blue but don’t quote me on this as I have never owned those leds. you should look into peles or kaimana j’s for RGB led option. (paradise arcade shop)

If I wanted to forgo rgb leds and just went with white 3mm ones, what would be the cheapest controller option?

Toodle’s FGW LED Controller is the least expensive that I am aware of @ $17, however, people are reporting that he has not been fulfilling orders as rapidly as in the past.