Hayate stage 2 in combos

some stuff I found

I changed the thread’s title and added some stuff to make it a more general dump for things I find interesting.

You can hold hayate (as we all know) and charge it to do more damage and stun. You can charge into stage 2 after s.hp and still combo quite easily with the lp and mp versions. So easy that I noticed I could hit s.hp then hold the mp hayate and release it on reaction if you see the hp hit. You get 1 extra dmg points :party: The lp version has 3 fewer startup frames than mp one so that one is even easier, but the range is pretty bad and you’ll have to be very close to do it.

I’m also very positive that you get more frame advantage after a stage 2 hayate than a regular one. Linking SA1 seemed signifcantly easier. Extra frames would also make it harder (albeit only slightly) for anyone to interrupt your followup to the connected hayate. It’s also easier to time a move to nail them while still in their “jumping away” startup frames.

After a karakusa you CAN land s.hp xx lp.hayate, BUT you’ll have to time the s.hp very well so that you get the tiny step forward. That tiny step forward is when you do s.hp at the earliest possible moment afaik. The mp version is easy enough to do so it’s not a big deal. For some reason I get 2 extra damage points from holding it after a karakusa instead of the normal 1 dmg point bonus (all dmg numbers based on ryu).

It wasn’t too long ago I noticed that c.lp*2 xx lp.hayate actually combos from up close. Unfortunately c.lp can be parried both high and low. It’s verifyable and safe, but since Makoto has better options, so I can’t think of a good enough reason to ever do it.

I like s.lk xx lp.hayate better than c.lk xx lp.hayate after a landed hayate combo now because of the fact that the distance it leaves you at is better. You can follow up with a lk.karakusa after or keep doing s.lk xx lp.hayate over and over and it won’t push you out of range.

Also, I used to do hk.Karakusa after hayates for no apparent reason, but I’m now doing lk.Karakusa for the faster startup and recovery. IIRC if chun jumps straight up out of a lk.karakusa after a hayate you recover fast enough to parry or ex.fukiage. Faster jumpers like Yun will hit you for free though. **I gotta double check everything after ‘IIRC’

kara-canceling c.hk will move you forward a (tiny) bit. It is best visible with fukiage. Go into training mode and put the cpu on jump then stand right next to them. A regular fukiage won’t hit, but a c.hk kara-canceled fukiage will. Either it doesn’t work when canceling to karakusa or it is very hard to spot.

Good shit man.

“You get 1 extra dmg points :party:”

haha This made me laugh.

Nice man. Anything that confirms is cool in my book, especially to get away from whiffing a hayate. That’s plain scary.

The stage 2 hayate is hard to punish. I’m not exact on the frames but in training I can’t get a shoto c.mk to hit during recovery after many tries. What does hit is Ken’s c.lk and to punish to super they’d have to c.lk xx sa3 straight off the bat because the pushback doesn’t allow c.lk*2. So it’s kinda safe to throw out there. I’m not sure how hard it would be for someone to dp the recovery but it seems like that’s a very unlikely punishment unless you do this a lot against the same player.

So all in all, I’d say this is another approach to getting close to certain characters. Random stage 2 hayate into something like low parry if it’s blocked or standard mixups if it hits. Of course confirming the hit isn’t as simple as I make it sound. Stage 3 hayate seems totally unpunishable.