Hawks super and ultra trouble

im having trouble with 360 and 720 notions, i can pull of super and ultra if i jump in and do 360 or 720 as im just landing.but if i try 2 do on ground i end up jumping as stick goes round towards up and ultra wont come out any help would be great new to the hawk and grapplers thks

You have to buffer a 720 within something. Tick (D+FP, Jab, 720+P), whiff SPD (evil), Taunt (extra evil), after Condor Spire (hit, block or whiff depending on distance from char and strength used), whiff Condor Dive, dash back or forward, Focus Attack, Dash Forward. The list goes one. You can whiff a normal and do a 720 as well. The motion is from UB to F then F to UB + P. It takes some practice to pull off effectively and consistently.

For a 360, you just need to practice. You don’t need to go all the way around. I do, but I’m from the SF2 generation and I always have. You can just go from F to UB+P and it’ll come out.

Also, since you’re new to grapplers, read this:

sonic hurricane dot com ? Grappler Training

thks m8t