Hawkeye st. M

So I’ve been in training mode and messing around with the properties of each move. Standing M is a seriously strange button that seems to hit whenever it wants to from a distance and miss just as often. Below is a video of me demonstrating against Thor, ive tried it against multiple characters but is it possibly his cape physics that change his hurt box?



st.M moves him slightly forward each time, which is why ti sometimes hits and other times misses (pushback post-hit)

that isnt true, this is in the corner and the distance doesn’t change. there is no movement forward from st.M

Do the same thing byte start at full screen - looks like movement to me!

Yes, there is forward movement. That’s why you never go more than twice without hitting the other character.

Whiff, move slightly forward, whiff, move slightly forward, connect, that wierd pushback from corner hits, rinse repeat.

Edit: Just noticed this thread died almost a month ago, sorry D: