Hawk was raped :(

every single person in this game received a buff certain got more nerfs than buffs only thing hawk got was a few of his o character normals wow and his dives 2 punches instead of 3 oooo wow he now has a throw whiff animation which is fucken bullshit he cant do his throw loops anymore so hes not near as safe now that the throw is gone lol just crazy how much better gief got that put him from bottom tier to top 5 on the tier list and yet hawk got worse lol

Chun also got nerfed, SBK is gimmicky at best. Zero legit buffs, more invincibility on Super or real reversal Upkicks would’ve been good. I hear people say Sagat did too, but idk.

sagat got buffed o sagat was already too damn good normal sagat sucked in st now new sagat isa mix of old and new his tigers are still good just not cheap and he has a much easier tiger knee that juggles into corner to easily set up fireball traps so yes sagat is better now

chhun did get nerfed but tbh chun was amazing in st she needed some nerfs

Chun didn’t need any nerfs. Much of the cast can beat/match her. I just watched nearly 6 hours of SSF2T footage from EVO '17 to analyze Chun Li and it only re-confirmed what I already knew from watching other matches and my own experience; the only way Chun can win is by punishes and psychics because her tools are inferior. Her lack of reliable AAs is the biggest issue, but having the worst fireball in the game doesn’t help either. Her Super’s only redeeming value is its ability to technically go through fireballs (very difficult) and store it, but most other Supers, many Specials, and even a variety of normals can beat it.

Chun’s really easy to use and is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none, and as such you’ll see a lot of her and since human error is a thing she’ll do fine relatively often, but when it comes down to the science of it she’s really not a great character. I may be making a video regarding it eventually, actually.

tbh no top guys were at evo 2017 nobody top tier has been really went since 2014 lol damdai hasnt even been to evo since 15 nor has afro.

chuns a char you need to be damn good to win with her but at top levels she dominates look at octochun maybe chun could have received some buffs but what would u have suggested?

daigo said he thought chun was the best char in st due to her being good everywhere but you have to be able to react on the fly