Having troubles with my stick... so annoying... why now?

Couple of years a go i did a project and built myself an arcade stick. Back then i knew pretty much nothing so i followed an online guide. I used an Ps2 controller pcb and all.

I also used a Happ joystick and Happ pushbuttons.

Now the left side of the stick barely responds anymore… how am i suppose to do my moves ? :frowning:

Any tips on repairing it ?

Ah darnit !! when i opened the box… one of my wires soldnerned detached… i feel like chalking the whole thing in the trash…

Post some pictures if possible. It’s probably not that bad. There are people here who sell pre-wired controllers if you need to replace it.

found the problem, my quick disconnect was loose and losing connection… now i need to soldner the wire that ripped back on and im back in the game :slight_smile: