Having trouble with stick art size for Eightarc Fusion

So a friend of mine wanted to add custom artwork for his Eightarc Fusion( http://eightarc.com/fusion-ebony). We looked for the right template but the only eightarc template we could find was the Template under “Qanba Q4/Eightarc Fusion” in this list(The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING! so we used this one. This template however had the start button next to the 8 buttons which is the way the Qunba Q4 lays out its buttons. Seeing that the two models (Qanba Q4/Eightarc Fusion) where under the same column we assumed that the template was the same size so we removed the start button from the template and made our art. We went to Fedex Office and printed it out to only find out that it ended up being too big. Was it something I did in Photoshop? Was it the template? If you can Help that would be awesome.
This is a link to the PSD for the stick (http://bit.ly/1af9r2D) and imgur pic (http://imgur.com/OqIbXC9)

Well, I’m going to assume that since you got it printed at Fedex, the print was of the entire image.

In that template, there are borders for “lee-way cutting.” At any rate, when you printed it, Fedex probably just printed the entire thing, instead of where the actual borders are and hence your oversized image.

I recommend that you instead get your artwork printed here: http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=17&subcat=&item=174

Use the templates here too: http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/index.cfm?loc=about&sub=templates

In short, I think you have the right template, its just that Fedex just print images. They have no idea about the borders or the leeway borders.

A word of note though, tek-innovations is made to order. In other words, he takes a notoriously long time, but hey, he gets the job done exactly the way you like it.

I’ve gotta second that recommendation! Just make sure your art borders go out to the bleed areas in Art’s templates, and he will laser cut the printed sheet so that it will look and fit perfectly!

maybe I wasnt clear. The image is bigger than its supposed to be. For ex: I want to print a pic thats 3in:4in but when I print it it comes out as 4in:5in. The Art does exceed the bleed line btw

If that’s the case, then it sounds like the dpi settings on the printer do not match the dpi on the template. If you used an Art Hong template, I know that those are created at 300 dpi. Did they tell you the dpi used by the printer that was used? Perhaps they can set it to 300? If the printed image turned out larger, then it was likely printed at a lower dpi setting.