Having trouble playing more than one char at a time decent

guess simple answer is dont switch so much but i like some variety lol

but i noticed this the other day
i use to run bison
sort of got tired of him and and always playing chargers so i picked up sagat.

he was a lot tougher to learn but got pretty good with him till he got b rank! but i then tried going back to bison and just sucked so bad that ive pretty much just benched him all together!

then got tired of sagat and started picking up dan lol. now it’s gotten to a point that my dan is a lot better than my sagat and my bison will get owned by d ranks hehe

Only play 1 character

The simple answer is the correct answer.

In fact Daigo just said this on the front page interview in response to why he won evo2k10

Only play 1 character except maybe the OCCASIONAL match with an alt when you’re bored. Do not try to learn 2 characters.