Having trouble making this

Ok, i been trying to make this av for a while but idk it comes out very lame…like i am just starting so i was wondering if someone can make it for me, just to see how it look, ok here it goes, Cable with a suit and a cigar in his mouth. And it should be black and white.When he blows the smoke out of his mouth, the smoke should turn into the name “el capone” but the thing thing is idk if it will exceed the kb limit. wanna see how cool it this would look. thanks.

it’s probably possible, though the real problem is finding someone to do all that.

normally, i’d recommend .dub., but i don’t think he’s around anymore.

Here’s what I have at the moment:

wow, good job Vegett0

Vegett0 be gettin’ crazy! :clap:

This one is a bit more realistic. It has the smoke of the cigar moving and the smoke ring getting bigger while fading.

son that avatar is fucking godlike

thanks man, something like this i was thinking…damn good job thanks.