Having trouble doing crouching shoru

im a ken player and i use ps3 controller but when i try to do crouching shoru i keep doing shoryueppa which is pretty annoying btw im trying to do cr.lk cr.lp h.dp

Stop mashing

You are getting too many inputs, it happens when doing it from a crouching position. Try to do a dp motion from a down-back posiion, not a down-forward. The extra d,df input combined with you ending in forward after having inputted the DP is giving you overlapping inputs.

So, start from down-back and END the DP in down-forward and do not go furher. The last forward input is giving you the shoryureppa.
Another way is by using the shortcut, for example df,d,df+P. This input is probaby a bit easier put also more likely to give you the shoryureppa if you pull the motion through and ending in forward. I suggest you learn the motion the correct way, also helps when transitioning to other games without this shortcut.

Come on you know people get accidental supers especially when you are learning the game, nothing to do with mashing, just sloppy inputs.

Nah he’s doing Cr.lk, cr.lp, mash dp input, he needs to slow down and just correctly input dp in one motion. Come on its a new Ken player trying not to get super instead of dp? Mashy mashy sloppy shortcut reliant newby

It’s actually both, I get that crap online cause it’s laggy and I’ve seen Chris do it in tournament lol.

Besides, mashing too hard and getting Super instead of dp is too many inputs.

So you see, you’re both right.

Most Ken players just throw an ex hado when they got full stock. That shit just happens too often.
Even the really amazing Ken players like Momochi, Michael-Tan etc. get rid of a meter by throwing ex fireballs when they got full stock because you get super way too often when mashing or comboing into srks.

Daigo mashes DP’s. Just sayin.

Lock M has the best advice I think. I can only slightly re-iterate.

There is a shortcut for doing dragons punches that will makes it so super never comes out. I’ll draw up a ghetto diagram so it’s easier to understand.

Ms paint skillz.

The shortcut allows for you to never have super come out since super looks for the right input before coming out. Also if you want to mash out a dp (on wakeup for example, or during blockstring) you can mash the shortcut and super will never come out, just move your analog between down and down right (very light wiggles in the corner of you analog.) Again this is just re-iterating what Lock M was saying, i just felt a diagram may be helpful.

I agree with Squishysuna. One of Gouken’s BnB’s is cl.MP > cr.HP xx palm now how I do it is as follows:

MP > down-forward HP, down, down-forward HP (or down-forward MP+HP if I want EX palm).

So, try and keep down-forward in while doing the light attacks and just move to down, then down-forward again and HP to cancel into Shoryuken.

I reckon also your time to cancel is very short with a cr. light normal, probably why mashing helps (Gouken’s cr.HP is slow and I also started out mashing Palm/unwanted super), but it’ll help you in the long run to get the timing and execution down. Practice, practice and more practise!