Having trouble deciding

Whether I should have Chun-Li set to Japanese voice overs or English ones.

Here’s my analysis point formed for those who like to “TL;DR”.

Japanese Voice


  • Original cast and Voice.
  • No fear of dubbed crap.
  • Says all special moves correctly and fully such as Hyakuretsukyaku.
  • Cute.
  • Mouth syncs with voice.


  • If you’re a lore buff like me, Chun-Li is Chinese, not Japanese, therefore she would not speak it.
  • Further evidence is shown when she allies herself with Guile, Abel, and Nash. Non of which are Japanese, she would need to speak English or at least learn it.
  • She’s Interpol, although knowing more languages is necessary in that field of work, she would really only need to perfect English, her investigation in Shadaloo and S.I.N would only need English. Boxer, Seth, Dictator, Claw, C.Viper, Juri (Can explain), and Birdie, are not Japanese, and would need English to communicate with one another.
  • No reference in canon lore which says she learned or was exposed to Japanese culture or dialect. However, there was no part which said she did not learn the language, it just seems impractical for her to use it or learn it at all. She had no Japanese characters in her childhood or early SF years (Zero).

English Voice


  • Very sexy VA, sounds great for a dub.
  • Can understand what she says.
  • Says some of the Special moves correctly.
  • Well done over all.
  • Chun-Li would speak English with other friends and foes. (Guile, American, English)
    -Voice fits Chun-Li.


  • Some moves were obviously avoided for VA, either could not pronounce or was too slow. I.E. Hyakuretsukyaku is not said, she instead yells “HYEAAAAH!”
  • Mouth sync with voice was not implemented or there was a very poor attempt at it.
  • It’s not the original VA, dubbed stuff makes me cringe. (although some dubs for SFIV were okay, or acceptable.)

In the end, the English VA seems more appropriate, my only problem is that it’s not the original Japanese VAs and that she doesn’t try to at least attempt to say the words, she wussed out by making battle noises, I can say Hyakuretsukyaku fluently with some practice, why couldn’t she?

If you can convince me otherwise or show me some evidence from canon to disprove my outlook on this, feel free.

flip a coin


i switched back and forth for awhile but some of her stuff just sounds so much more badass in english.

like linking U1 after kicks and just hearing her yell “try to dodge this!” at close range seems way too epic to pass up on

I always want the original because its in sync.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

That’s a big thing too, I wish they synced the English voices with the mouths, the animations aren’t difficult to make for them.

I feel like I became a virgin from reading this. Holy shit all hail the king of nerds.

I personally think the only character who has a half-decent English voice actor is Dudley.

I’ve always felt like Chun’s English voice actor was awful.

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What the fuck is your problem you always bother me. You know, I’m not good at the game, and I am most interested in story rather than game play. You’re more of a nerd than me you fucktard.

Here’s your quotes dibshit.

"sick. Are you pianoing the inputs for the loop or are you sliding them? "

“plus cr.hp moves you forward. In regards to the plinking of hp + hk. If you look at your inputs two hps come out I`m not sure if that means that the system will register it or not but this only works if you crouching. If your standing a taunt will come out :S”

"She’s not a pure charge character like say bison or dictator. Her fireball, u1, and spining birdkick are charge moves the rest is quarter circle this half circle that. It is frustrating to learn her move set though. "

That’s the shit you write, what the fuck makes me a nerd for learning the plot line for Street Fighter? I don’t give a rats ass about the game, but Capcom Japan made a great story I like to follow.

i feel like the story is actually pretty bad and convoluted. though i think capcom could make it good by making it consistent

in any event, this is SRK. people act like assholes here for no reason, and theres plenty of whining.

The only things you can do are get used to it or leave unfortunately.

is this guy for real? Hey you know where you are posting right? This isn’t the lore buff’s weebo shrine to fake pussy section of srk. If you don’t like the game or use the character then gtfo lready. I feel like a crazy person for even humoring you but o well.

Humoring me?
First, Go outside for a few hours, and get some fresh air, next, learn how to type properly.
I think you should get some counseling if you go on the internet, raging and going ape shit over a forum discussion.
Can’t believe this troll hasn’t been banned yet.

@Necrotrophic I guess you’re right. Trolls are abundant in forums, but I guess more so in SRK. The story isn’t bad, and it has potential to be great, but I guess something went wrong along the way and they’re having a hard time fixing it.
Other than that Chun-Li is a great character, I’d love to use her in the game, but again, I’m bad at it, and I usually only play with a few friends. When I do use Chun-Li I was hoping for some mature comments (I did get a few) about which VA is better to use.

I’ll stick to the Warriors Fate thread for anything Plot related, a lot of mature people there. Too many inbreds like Raiden for me to handle.

But on to the topic, forget about the plot, just tell me which VA you guys think is better and post a reason or two why you prefer one over the other.

The best thing about the english dub is when she’s doing Kikosho, because it sounds like she says “RUN FORREST!”

But for me, “gomen ne” beats “sorry” any day of the week, so that settles that.

He’s most likely annoyed, due to the fact that this board is to discuss Chun-Li gameplay and strategies in SSF4, not for stuff like this, which could really be asked somewhere else. Here, most non-gameplay stuff is discussed in this thread, if at all.

Why do people use this as a cop-out in an argument? I could have an expert on English grammar come into this thread, as well as the rest of SRK, and tear apart almost every post ever created for errors, including yours, as well as mine.

i like to switch it up every few days. i just went back to english recently.

Well i’m glad i’m not the only one that thinks about these things. Maybe not in the detail you do, but i still consider it with all characters.

With Chun i go with English mainly because of her ultra voiceovers. “You asked for it! KIKOSHO!” is so much fun because usually it’s because i caught someone sleeping or using it as an anti-something.

I go the same way when i played Gouken for awhile, most of his Japanese VO was superior, but i went with English when using his U1 simply for the “GOT YOU!” It fit the move and it made me feel good when i heard it.

Then there’s characters like Juri and Adon who i switched to Japanese because the English got pretty annoying.

I agree, using the “learn how to type” come back is old, and I feel bad for using it. But Raiden has been harassing me for a little while and I’m getting annoyed by him, every time I post I usually get a smart ass comment from him. But forget it, lets drop this.

Gomen ne is something I like, but unlikely Chun-Li would say it because it’s Japanese, I think, not Chinese. Still, I’d love for maybe a switching feature where it like gives you bits from the English and Japanese, instead of sorry she says Gomen ne but at the same time she says You asked for it when she does Kikosho. Anyways, I think I’ll just switch it every now and then.

Chun Li knows Japanese fightin words.

That’s a good point, whether you have the language set to English or Japanese, she still says Kikoken, Kikosho, Hosenka, and Hazanshu.

You could argue that she then does know Japanese, since a lot of non-Asian characters (or characters who don’t practice an Asian fighting style) say their move names in English, or in Japanese English (for example, JP Voice Gief’s URTIMEAH. ATOMEAH. hooo-yup! BAASSTTAAA!!!).

You could extrapolate from that and assume that Chun-Li does indeed know Japanese.

…On that note, wtf is up with Adon’s JP voice and trying to say “Jaguar Avalanche”? It comes out “Jegguah Evanevacha!!” I know the JP voice actors might have bad English, but c’mon. Really?

Wow, nice theory, but I have another theory.

Maybe it’s just the fighting style. Basically its a Japanese fighting style she practices or the moves are Japanese and she learned the words for them, but doesn’t necessarily speak fluent Japanese, it’s like my Karate class, we don’t know Japanese, but all the moves we practice we know the move names in Japanese and we say them right.

But who knows, lots of continuity and background errors.