Having trouble against aganos

It seems like he has added blocks? Even when he whiffs moves against me I hit him and it seems like he’s still blocking? Any advice ? I play sabrewulf

Can a mod delete? I accidentally pressed post comment twice on my phone

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I’m tyring to main Aganos and I always get screwed up when I’m rushed and can’t get away. So maybe try staying on top of them and not let him get any rocks.

Aganos has long recovery times and is easy to spam throws against all but the best Aganos players. A couple extra throws per match can make a difference.

Thanks for the advice guys. Just gotta keep them.rocks at zero still can’t do shut against high level khanra players

aganos player here.

So his main characteristic is that those “Chunks” (the little rock counter above his meter) are his resource and he has various ways to build them up (manually or through comboes…like how Fulgore was originally built with his meter). They offer him various different attacks, strengths and abilities. However as you notice, they also give him super armor for 1 hit/per chunk he has on that counter (up to 4). They also make him slower all around as well (slightly moot point but relevant for next reason). They do not protect him while he is in the air/jumping or being grabbed.

So he is one of the only characters that you have to play completely different against. Be wary of his chunks and what they can do, but you have to get rid of them because he is near useless without them. His size and slowness is his disadvantage as it nearly ruins and wakeup options he could have, most of his attacks are negative and he doesn’t do well with someone in his face when he has no chunks. Also respect that Aganos has the best screen gap closing attacks in the game so don’t run away.

Unfortunately, Sabrewulf has one of the hardest fights in the game with him as he has no projectiles or ranged attacks to use out of Aganos’ range and has to get in his grill. (I would say Aganos 7-3 and I’m being generous) The biggest mistake I see people make with Wulf is starting off turtling (I take this opportunity to chunk up for free and/or set up a wall) then using the running jumping slash/slide attacks to close the gap.
That’s when I usually:
[] Block then attack in their recovery frames
] Block, grab and chunk up/setup a wall
[] Start a meaty like the cr.HP or Medium/heavy that will give me advantage and can buff through your attack
] Meet you halfway with the rolling attack that will ALWAYS beat you if I have chunks
[] Punch the shit out of you for a free 25% damage
] Laugh

So don’t do that. However, DO:
[] Jump in with safe/cancellable moves (J.Overhead is his best tool for this…well, his only)
] Cross-up whenever you get a knockdown with the dash (this is normal though)
[] Grab whenever you see the opportunity, learn to tech grabs.
] Save your meter for shadow counters of his multi hit attacks and shadow jumping slash to recapture him when he jumps as that is the best time to get him
[] Mix up your pokes. Textbook cr.lights are useless if he has at least two chunks as he will either be able to block from there or just swing through it.
] Stay close, but be smart about it. You are a grab away from that uphill battle again.

If you ever want to spar and get some Aganos work, feel free to PM me man. Keep at it! (Also, learn some Riptor or TJ as a counterpick)

Thanks for the info bud