Having some trouble getting Feints out

I think I’m inputting the cancel too quickly. But looking at my command history it seems like it should have worked.

I’ll do TK and go for a feint, and my input reads: :qcb: + :lp:, :mp: + :hp: Yet EX TK comes out instead.

What gives? Am I inputting the 2 punches so quickly that it just reads it as doing an EX attack? Kind of :lame: lol.

If your just trying to do random feints to play mind games then you should use the seismo feint instead of the TK feint, I think its easier then random TK feints unless of course you attack then feint, so cr.mp xx feint for mind games.

Hope I’ve helped!

EX TK probably means you are doing the second input too fast. Possibly there might be some negative edging at play as well. Try cleaning up your button presses and start with lp tk feint. The timings are pretty specific per strength of knuckle, but lp has the most leeway and is easiest by far.

I was going for HP > Feint > cr.HP

and it was negative edge… It was technically reading a triple P input. Just need to loosen up the timing a bit, thanks for the helps guys :slight_smile: