Having problem with connecting to kaillera servers

I’ve got a problem with kaillera when i connect it says

Connecting to
server replied
server protocol mismatch or other error

i really dont know what i have to do here… if someone could help me i would be really apreciated

Thank you!! :tup:

do you have the latest version of Kaillera? You can also try the new kaillera client that someone made… from anti3d.com. it is supposed to be better.
also, if your preferred game is available with GGPO.net, I would definitely use that service instead.

is it the 1st one in the download section??

GGPO.net never heard of that :open_mouth:

im playing sf3rd strike :smiley: hope its in that list of ggpo then

well ill just download the 1st one in its download section ill let oyu know if it helped :wink:

: edit: i just extractd the 1st one in that dl list but i still get the same error :frowning:

noone who can help me? :frowning: