Having Lots of Trouble Wall Diving to Wall Behind Opponent

I’ve been researching, reading, and practicing for a couple hours, but, as the title says, I just cannot get a grip on it for the life of me.

I could do the exact same input 30 times and jump forward sometimes, and jump backwards others. I’ve tried different inputs that I’ve seen mentioned, such as charging back-down into up-forward, and normal charging down into up-forward, but nothing provides consistent results. I’m playing on a gamepad, by the way. Starting to feel like an arcade stick is a requirement to play charge characters. I appreciate you taking your time to read this, and I’ll appreciate the time you take to reply, should you do so.

it’s not a pad problem, it’s a timing problem. when i taught noobs how to do flash kicks etc, it was really hard for them to execute it. it’ll be easier if you cancel from a normal though since up forward won’t make you jump. if you’re jumping, it just means you’re pressing the kicks a bit slow. if you’re getting kicks, means you’re either not charging enough or you pressed hk too early. you can narrow your timing then. you got 4 frames to go from hold up and press kick. try not to do the motion at EXACTLY the same time. for practice sake, go up, then kick

you won’t be using raw wall dives normally anyway. some things that’s good to know is that you can charge down, and then go up + kick, then a few frames later, you can go whichever direction you like. so the input would look like this:

db(hold), u+k, f/uf or b/ub

of course, just go for basics until you get timing down. start with normals to specials, then move to basic up down charge, then you can start doing what your trying to do

lastly, i think it would be a good idea to learn to do this for wall dive:

db(hold), uf+kk, (hold)df

reason for the df is just in case you missed a link/combo or you missed the cancel from a normal, you won’t accidentally jump into your opponent. if you successfully executed the wall dive, holding uf will still make vega move towards your opponent

No, no, no- I’m getting the walldives, as I’m familiar with charging, but I can’t control what wall I dive to. A lot of combos I’ve seen require EX Wall Dives, and the EX does nothing for me if I just jump to the wall behind me. I’m not new or anything- I’ve been playing SF4 for a year or two now.

Like I said, I’m doing the exact same input and sometimes I dive forward, behind my opponent, and other times I dive backwards, behind me.

you need to hold uf. if you just do up, the wall you go to will be to the closest wall (usually the back wall). just make sure you hold onto uf, f, or df after executing the walldive, or you can just go from db, to uf, and just hold it. you’re probably letting go too fast. like i said before, holding df after the walldive is the best way to not jump if you miss a link. dang, i typed all that for nothing, haha

Aw, man, thank you so much. I’ve been letting go after I see the jump animation starting. You have saved me a world of trouble. Is there anything I can do to repay you?

pay me in blood