Having issues booting from a DVD drive

ok so a while ago my laptop powercord disconnected while i was using it and resulted in giving me an unmountable boot volume error which i am now trying to fix with a windows boot disc.

so after getting a dvd burner i think i managed to burn the disc correctly using an iso of windows xp3 (which i downloaded) , which i burned the image of onto a dvd, and im now trying to boot from it on my laptop that has had the files corrupted in an attempt to replace the files.

thing is though is that after i go into the bios and change the boot order from the HDD to the DVD drive, it restarts, seems like it is checking the disc and then just gives me a message along the lines of that i need to insert a cd containing the right files or something like that.

my laptop is an asus eee pc, so im not sure if that uses a particular version of windows or whatever but im at a loose end with what to do now.
any ideas?