Having a ton of trouble with FADC (playing on a fightpad)

Hello all! I’ve been playing as Juri since early this year and since then I’ve ranked up to a B in online mode. (Doesn’t mean much, but I can beat most Bs and lower)

There are a few things, I believe, that keep me from progressing any further, and that’s FADC into combos

It’s like I’m semi capable when executing them. I either hit an opponent with a fireball then attempt to to a FADC, but my imputs end up doing a neutral Focus attack instead of dashing forward. When an opponent gives me an opening I try to execute a FADC combo (MK into low fireball into FADC) but most of the time I screw it up.

Here’s the exact imputs I do when trying to execute a FADC:

MK+MP and Forward at the same time, or
MK+MP and forward forward twice

seems like that’s what I SHOULD be doing, but it doesn’t come out right.

What I want to know is, what are the EXACT imputs to do a FADC into a combo?

This is what I’d like to do: MP+MP into HP then ex cartwheel.
Details in the timing would be a lot of help too.

Can you guys help me out? Thanks :slight_smile:

this shouldnt be in the juri forum, this should be in the newbie saikyo dojo.

Just break the combo down into smaller parts, and then practice those individual parts until you’re able to do them entirely on a consistent basis, and then piece it together.

Thanks for responding, event though this is in the wrong forum. (Forgive me!! ;_; )

The issue was the imputs. I could break a combo down smaller into pieces, but knowing how to do them properly is important. I’d have a really hard time practicing FADC if I’m not doing it the right way.

Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

That’s how it should look like if you were doing everything perfectly:

:b: :hk:
:f: :mp::mk:

This is also gonna work though :stuck_out_tongue: :

:ub: :hk:

Concrete inputs don’t matter too much in SF, especially not if you don’t have an SRK (which else comes out NO MATTER WTF YOU DO).

If you have trouble FADCing, just do the following:
Training Mode, Infinite Meter
L.Pinwheel xx FADC, L.Pinwheel xx FADC, L.Pinwheel xx FADC etc etc
from one side of the screen to the other, then jump over and repeat
Start out doing it slow, then improve the speed bit by bit.

The most common issue is that you’re doing it TOO FAST, inputting the dash before the Focus even is registered,
so your char does a standard Focus Attack instead. Slow down your timing and slowly improve it, don’t start with trying to get it perfect.
If you have FADC sorta down but don’t hit the c.HP afterwards too often, you can first learn it proper with c.MP, leveling up later.

You probably want that crouching fierce input a little cleaner though or else you’re going to negative-edge Kasatushi.
But yeah, you don’t have to rush this combo.; once you get the FADC you have plenty of time for everything. Not like trying to FADC into U2.

@vulpes thanks! the second input you posted helped the most. Realized pressing forward before --> +MK+MP makes a hell of a difference.
I get the FADC much cleaner now. :slight_smile:

I also find that now it comes down to how many hits the cartweel will allow before you can FADC…it looks like it’s good to cancel after 2 hits. I also find it’s easier to combo after 2 hits instead of one. It’s a bitch to connect FADC to HP and MP, but the timing seems easier going into FADC crouching light punch. If I want more damage to my combo I need to connect MP after FADC. God its difficult though lol

@Icy you’re absolutely right. So many times in the beginning when I try to go into a pinwheel after HP i ended up doing her Kasatushi. I think I got it down for the most part :stuck_out_tongue: after pinwheel FADC i try to go into a crouching MP and pinwheel again…AGAIN i keep doing her Kasatushi XD