Having a stupid problem with seth

I can do almost anything i want execution wise in this game that i want to, but for some stupid reason i cannot get the three headstomps into dive kick reset anywhere!!! in the corner i get three and i cant do dive kick, midscreen i miss even though im jumping asap. PLEASE HELP

Generally you want to do the stomps and divekick as fast as possible. There are exceptions though, especially after SRK xx FADC. And midscreen c.HP xx LP SRK, stomps won’t work on some characters in some situations, in those cases you want to do c.HP xx LP SRKx2, stompsx2, divekick.

Some characters have fucktarded hitboxes and you can try to get dive on them 6 ways til Sunday, it’s just not gonna happen. Other cases, dive kick has a height restriction, so maybe that’s part of the reason. It helps to hold direct down on stomps + dive kick to ensure you’re gonna get it on those it works on.