Haveing some trouble with some fighting games

first of all I would just like to get this out of the way, I just joined and I hope to get more involve with the FGC :slight_smile: now on to the topic

for as long as I remember I have been playing fighting games for the rest of my life (and a whole bunch of other gamer genre but that’s not the point now). some members of my family are strict loyal Tekken and mortal kombat fighters while I, though play them as well jump around the whole fighting games in general really. I played soul caliber, VF, DOA, SF, GG, BB, SNK you name it I…most likely didn’t play every fighting game lol. anyway my problem is that no matter how hard I try, I could never get good with these games even with my history with them. I honestly think its because I don’t really own most of them, even know im heading to college and I cant really spend my money on these awesome games. Although the only fighting games I have now is just SFXT (which I suck at it as well) SCIV (surprisingly enough when I played with game I suck really badly but when I when to SCV I was kicking ass. I amazed myself), VF final showdown (suck at it, couldn’t find anybody to fight with), and skullgirls (same reason). So heres my question, how should I train? should I own more fighting games in a distant future and train on them individually or do I just stay focus with SFXT and keep training and hope for the best? Again happy to be here guys!

Since you’re still in the newbie phase, I’d stick to one or maybe two games for now. Spreading yourself too thin is a great way to be bad at a bunch of games. That being said, I can’t really tell you which game you should play. What game is big where you live? If there is no scene for SFxT, it’s going to be hard for you to get good at it.

SFXT is the most popular game around my area (well to be honest I don’t know what popular in new York) which is a game I actually recently started to play again a few weeks ago. want from 0 bp D rank since the first release (don’t make me lol) to having to rank up… and droped to 300 somthing

I agree that starting with one or two games is best, but you don’t have to play a game just because it’s the most popular among your friends. Especially if you live in NY, you can find locals for anything, so pick whatever game you enjoy the most. In my biased opinion, you should try Persona 4 Arena since it’s a great beginner game with a huge scene in NY. SFxT and Injustice are also good beginner choices.

It sounds to me like the reason you don’t improve is because you’re only playing casually, at a friend’s house who owns the game, and you play infrequently and spread yourself too thin. If you want to get better at something, you need to focus on it and practice a lot (and yes, this does require buying the game). Good luck!

NY is still an FG mecca in the States afaik, you should be able to meets for almost anything. Just check the matchmaking/regional boards.

if he lives in upstate ny its no better than Pennsylvania afaik, but if he lives in NYC he has it made

If you’re actually interested in delving deeper into SFxT check out the game’s sub forums (the character threads arn’t very active anymore but the main board is alive and well) and consider joining the irc chat for it to get practice online against people who know the game and are willing to offer advice.

thanks for all the suggestion guys, im thinking about just sticking to STFXT and SSFIV for now and see how it goes!

Personally I enjoy P4U the most but I just recently jumped into the fighting scene so I dont know much