Have you witnessesd fast skill progression through training?

Have any of you ever been a witnessed to this kind of thing? I would like to know if any of you have introduced someone to the fighting genre and has this person become a threat or surpassed you? I take to most fighting games like a fish to water. I however can’t play dat madden to save my life or any non arcade style sports game for that matter. Sometimes you have these friends that have no interest in fighting games because they believe that they are to difficult to pick up. I feel this way about sports games, they are way to complicated IMO.

Many years ago, I had a cousin and we started teaching him how to play SSF2T. I mean, he already knew how to play, but his game was stuck at like this low level place in his play style. He was just playing for fun but soon he wanted to win. That’s to be expected right. So we taught him about 2 in ones, cross ups, buffering and various other things. This raised his game exponentially amongst his peers who weren’t able to get this type of experiece because of the small town area that my cousin was from.

So, a few years go buy and I haven’t kept in the best contact with my cousin to see what’s been going on with him in general. He has since moved to Houston. We are all in town doing the family get together holiday thing and he’s come back as some sort of monster. Has he surpassed my friends and I, not quite. But I’ll be damned if he’s not a beast now. It seems like after we taught him a few things, he began to dig deeper and learned more about frame rates and different quirks in the different fighting game engines. We don’t have to let him win any more, he’s good now. I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s better than my friends and I mostly because we’ve been slacking. I know this isn’t an overnight success story, but I haven’t had the opportunity to experience one of those yet. So what say you?


When we we’re trying to improve the VF scene in the Netherlands when VF came out, shortly after me this guy Krye joined the group who was pretty much the best DOA player here. We thought we were gonna prove a point about how DOA sucks and therefore DOA players must suck too. But in no time dude just got beastly, best in the country no doubt. No miracle story or anything, dude just practiced and studied hardcore.

And now I’ll end my post with a mandatory SCREW SEGA.

Is this a topic to broadcast to everyone how much of a beast you consider yourself at fighting games? Seems kind of LOL to me when you’re using words like beast and monster to describe someone who’s below/on par with you. :S

No it isn’t and thank you.


Yes, I’ve definitely seen this. Many of the kids that I know when they were wee little lads had been practicing these old air combos which I taught them to do in MVC2, and couple of years later these kids know how to do infinite combos with one hand tie behind their back. I guess a little bit goes a long way. Man I get my ass rocked sometimes by them. So much potential untapped.

Happens with my friends all the time, I managed to help some of my friends level up they’re game in CvS2, Blazblue, Guilty Gear, and KOF all in a short period of time, of course while none of them managed to totally surpass they can and still give me a run for my money, it’s mostly because I only take them seriously if they take the subject at hand seriously :lol:…

A couple of my friends are more talented than me at fighting games, i think if they started playing seriously they would become better than me. they beat me most of the time in fighting games before i started meeting with srk’rs. I want to get them to pick up some game seriously so i have a close by training partner.

I leveled up mad quick when I moved to Japan. I probably got better in a few months than I had in like 10-15 years of playing FGs before that.

My younger brother used to be free for me back in the old SNES SF2WW and Hyper Fighting days. But he slowly progressed. We were pretty even by the time Alpha 1 hit. I think the point wherein he finally started beating me pretty consistently was after SF2AE, because he started playing online quite a bit. And as shitty as the online was in that game, it did give him a taste of top level play. I remember him fighting quite a bit against AfroLegends’ DeeJay.

When HDR hit it didn’t take him long to get into the groove. I can’t beat his Vega to save my life.

And it’s the same in SFIV: I got the game first but it didn’t take long for him to turn the tables on me. I remember teaching him some Honda combos and setups and now he uses them better than I ever could. Heck, he beats me with the tricks I taught him…

A few friends and I were playing third strike for a couple years and one of my other buddies was always watching on the side lines, never really played a fighting game seriously.

One day, he decided he wanted to play, it took him a month to find a character, and he goes with Urien, within six months of starting to play fighting games he was the most solid player in our group, he could do all of the practical unblockables, he was using charge partitions in matches, he could Tackle Tackle Headbutt, he even learned some of the character specific tackle combos.

He was a fast learner to say the least.

Maybe you played him on GGPO his name on there was skellybonez