Have You Ever..

…played MvC2 and was on point with your execution, etc one day but then the next you can’t even do not one thing you did the previous day?

I’m sitting here struggling to do the ROM for some apparent reason but just the other day I was doing ROM, all my FF and unfly combos, resets, unblockables, etc but now… I can’t even do it. Shit is annoying as hell.

I know I’m not the only one that be experiencing this. :arazz:

nah it happens. practice practice practice is the solution

Yeah it happens.

You really gotta fuel yourself with the right mindset IMO. When I get like that, either its something stupid like being hyped up on coffee and cigarettes or my hands are cold or something-- other than that its all muscle memory-- your fingers know what to do by now-- its all mental.

Usually my danger room sessions start with consecutive wave dashes, then i try fast tri-jump and dash underneath Rom unresets-- the REALLY fast stuff. If you practice with the just frame stuff being your baseline it becomes your new normal and ROM and ff and all of that seems easy by comparison.

Alternative you can mash with spd up Wolverine for 2 years in training mode and Magneto seems slow.

Thanks for replying fellas cause I always thought it was just me at times.

Yeah before I even start playing matches I always go in training mode and just mess around with teams Row and Matrix (still can’t decide on which to main).

But lately I’ve been practicing heavily with team Matrix, I mean on some weeks turning into months tip and soon as I pick team Row I was struggling with Mag’s ROM and messing up constantly on AHVBx3. I think it’s cause I’m so used to Storm and Sentinel so much that I just lost all memory muscle for Mag. I swear to God trying to learn Sentinel will break your wrist!

Sentinel fly motions = broken wrist

I know my biggest problem is that I get frustrated when I’m trying to learn something, like if I can’t do it for like 20-30mins then I’ll stop playing for like 5-15mins and come back to it. But what got me to make this thread is cause I was trying to do Mag’s ROM tri-jump reset but every time I jump I end up doing his diagonal sonic boom thing (only on 2p side). I even tried breaking it down doing it slow and I still end up doing the sonic boom, frustration set in and I said “Fuck it…” Lol.

On the bolded part what exactly are you talking about? I’m always willing to learn other people’s learning tactics.

What I mean by that is, once I have something wired to the point where I know I should be able to do it 99% consistently, say the ROM for instance, I’ll spend a lot of time practicing executing the more difficult variations of it. So if I want to warm up before practicing one touch kills with Magnus, I’ll spend 10 minutes messing around with really tough ROM variations. So I’ll try things like sj LP, addf, sjLK, sjMP, land + dash underneath, same combo sjLP, repeat. Why that works for me I think is because it makes me appreciate how much easier the regular ROM is by comparison, and I gain a better sense of the the hitstun and timing of each part of the ROM sequence.


Actually I’m kind of a nerd about execution and joystick innards, so if anyone has any other questions or wants to spur another execution oriented tack to this thread than please go for it and I’ll sound off.

Oh I see what you’re saying, in fact I do the same thing! Lol. I go in training and do the hard stuff first then the easy stuff. What I usually do is this:
[]ROM, land, dash under, sj, add+d.lk, lk, land, dash forward, d.lk+Sent (A), d.lk, ROM for about 3-4 reps, land, hk (1hit) xxx Hyper Grav xxx Tempest. Or switch out Tempest with Shockwave.
]ROM, land, dash under, sj, addf (back to the same side I just came from), d.lk, lk, land, dash, d.lk+Sent (A), d.lk, ROM
[*]ROM, land, dash under, d.hk+Sent (A), Sent hits, d.hk, ROM
During the ROM I usually do like 4-5 reps then I do a reset or finish it off with a hyper combo, depending on the vitality (in game).

Is it true that if you play on turbo2 it’ll increase your speed?

RE: Turbo 2, I guess that’s true, but risky because you really don’t wanna get used doing the ROM at anything other than ROM speed if you know what I mean.

Sometimes I do put it on Normal speed, but that’s more often just me trying to do really hard links and explore whats possible when Marvel shows more frames than normal.

If you want to get really fast, I’d practice things like Storm’s LP reps, whiff cancels with Mag (sj imm. add HP/HK – they whiff and make you land faster), SJC stuff to tighten execution etc. You’ll be surprised how much of “getting faster” is really just you tightening up on execution-- if you can execute in tight spots, and be quick enough mentally to make the right rushdown decisions… that’s when your Magnus REALLY gets fast.

Practicing execution I believe is the best thing to do. Keep it on the original speed, and practice practice practice. Mix it up to see how well you can change on the move and make sure you can do it well. I put the training room on with the CPU playing as wolv,cable,sent so I can practice ROM on those 3 sizes and have them able to block sometimes.


I have went into matches and fucked up combos/techniques I was doing fine the day before… but it’s always a product of my lack of training and experience with that particular thing. Combo’s with my characters… I’m just not going to miss after that first hit is landed. My hands do them without my brain’s interaction once a certain setup or scenario happens onscreen.

Sometimes it actually hurts me b/c my hands will react to a setup/ect in a way that is good… but could have been better had my hands been doing what my brain wanted instead of what they are used to… …but I guess that’s the double edged sword of muscle memory.

I’m sorta mental tho… I’ve ripped open stitches on my hand mashing out of hyper grav… and didn’t even notice until my wife told me I was covered in blood. All about the execution…lol

Dang, Gina. Here I was thinking I was hot shit playing Marbles with a broken finger… we got Titan making animal sacrifices before training sessions.

Seriously few people are gonna match that intensity jesus.

Well shit online get’s pretty cutthroat when they wait for your to pick your low tier squad and then pick sent+wtver cheese… I probably had a look on my face while mashing out that said “I want to reach through this screen and kick you directly in the nutsack.”

I am generally cool about counter picking until if they get a few wins and start talking shit like their Muhammad Ali. Being a god tier whore is one thing, but showing disrespect is one thing I can’t stand especially when I show nothing but respect to my opponent no matter who they are.

Online play+counter picking+god tier is just the wrong msg to send someone I think… It’s basically the mvc2 online version of being a dick. Problem is compounded b/c most people who do this RQ and send shitty msgs when they lose… or tbag and talk shit if they random out a win.

If someone counter picks to gods and actually has exceptional skill… it doesn’t bother me… I just pick higher tiers or a team more suited to face them. If someone has crap skills and counter pick to gods… who cares… they need em. It’s the people who know enough to think that they are really good but not enough to know that they aren’t… They don’t understand how their god tiers lost to low tier so they bitch… RQ… call you cheap… anything in the book to be douche.

Fucked up shit is I’m a nice guy and would totally tell them how I did it if they weren’t such a douche.

This is generally how I weed out the douches from the cool people online. people who barely scrape by with a win and then teabag and talk shit. congrats you beat me, + cookie.

Bman you live in brandon? Why don’t you ever come out to our Tampa gatherings?

I always go to training and warm up with MSP or Team Combofiend… then let the games begin muahahahhaa


It’s a Wolvie sketch mostly, but I threw in my warm-up dash ROM I was talking about at the end. It’s cool bc you basically buffer a dash as you land so your option select depending on how you time it is: regular ROM (dash is early, whiffs), dash ROM (sjLP is early), dash under combo ROM (sjLP is max delay), dash under reset ROM (sjLP is late).

im finding out right now that i have completely lost the timing on the iron man infinite after not playing him for almost 3 months =O

it took me about a solid hour to get more than 2 reps of the ROM down today. I could do it almost flawless yesterday. :frowning: