Have you ever used or seen this stick?, if so was it a good buy or borrow?

Pro- Fighting Stick Arcade Japan Style 6 Buttons PC PS2 - eBay (item 130446663985 end time Nov-20-10 19:14:30 PST)

I started to get my little brother into fighting games and he likes playing on the one stick I have more than on a pad, so I wanted to get him a stick for his upcoming b-day
and I don’t wanna spend too much because he is still a kid, so this could just be a phase but he seems to be really into it.

I would also like to know wether or not it is easily modable.

Any input is much appreciated.

Looks like a really bad stick imo.

I’d would suggest getting something on the lines of a mayflash for around the same price range.

Universal PS3 PS2 PC USB Arcade Fighting Stick Mayflash - eBay (item 270657499530 end time Nov-03-10 16:32:34 PDT)

Mayflash sticks are easily moddable, and you don’t have to buy out of the U.S to get this. The other stick was from over-seas and the shipping would have been $22, over the $6 they have for the Mayflash.

But, if you decide to the the stick that you have posted, please let us know how it works and the such. I’m interested of the quality for that thing.


looks pretty “chinese knockoff” to me. Not necessarily bad or unusable though.

Main problem seems to be start button placement.


But yeah that looks sketchy.