Have you ever been Jumped?

Have any of you ever been jumped? if so, how long did the assault last and how did it end?

Being jumped doesn’t necessarily involve guns.

all the time…by black people

No fun for you in Snake Eater once you got spotted eh?

Yeah dealing with Vulcan Raven must have sucked. It’s not all bad though, the Darpa Chief had a heart attack…okay bad example.

Will you guys stop picking on Snake. He’s a fucking old man for crying out loud!!

Hired to do some wet work.

…war has changed

It certainly has with that fox engine.

Indeed. Those nanomachines(SON!) that Fortune had did stump your boy Raiden and you for a good minute.

Someday you go through the rain. Someday you feed on a tree frog.

You nerds aint bout that lyfe.


Hm, just a box…

i haven’t been jumped.
but i have been dive kicked on numerous occasions.

I was once approached by about 6 guys outside of a school. They made it clear they were there to beat me down. I made a couple moves, and they disbanded.

True story.

In the interest of full disclosure, we were all like eight, and they were geeky kids I used to pick on. STILL, though!

must be just your imagination :open_mouth:

But on the real, ops mom jumped my bones. Bitch be strong.

I did once in my teens:

There were two of them. I had $10 in my pocket and one of those 25 game holder cases of Playstation games in a doubled up plastic bag. If I hadn’t have had the games I’d have fought back, but they couldn’t see through the bag and didn’t even think to go for it. I figure maybe I could have won, but I wasn’t about to fight with the bag in my hand and it was worth the $10 not to lose all my games if we got into it.

Second time four of them surrounded me near my front door. They didn’t realize I was so close to my house, so they were doing that old “yeah we’ll just talk to him a little bit,” bullshit. Then one of them said “run them pockets” just before I turned to go to my door. I looked at him and said, “you’re joking right?” (He didn’t expect that shit). “For real you’re kidding right? You think you’re going to do this right here in front of MY house? What do you think is about to happen when I put this key in the lock and hit this doorbell real fast? Y’all stand right here.” I just went right on about my business opened my door and went in without incident. (No one was home).