Have fighting games been getting worse? (Redone)

Alright, you guys probably think I’m talking shit right now, but I feel like fighting games have gotten worse. I mainly play Xrd and man, that game has been more stressful than fun even when I’m winning. Most fighting games nowadays have pretty long ass combos, abusive mechanics or something along those lines that just makes me feel like “What the hell are they doing?”

I get that older games had some long combos too, but for the most part, it wasn’t like this. It wasn’t this consistent and intentional. Nowadays, it’s like handing a grown man to pick up his pacifier cause he never learned as a baby. I play a game like Xrd, it’s a one sided battle or another one sided battle, but almost nothing in between. The game has changed completely and the mechanics have become extremely abusive. The pressure strings are 12X longer for no good reason. And it isn’t much different for a game like DBZF.

Guilty Gear use to be a game that was all about back and forth battles. Now it’s just a turd stain of what it use to be. And when I go to other fighting games, a lot of them still have similar issues. A moment to stop/slow down time and gain the upper hand, a one sided battle, easy and free knockdowns, long combos. It’s just lame as all fuck. Then I hear these frauds saying shit like “Oh, but it’s ALWAYS been like that”, but no it hasn’t. I’ve played a lot of old fighters but it was never this straightforward and bland; so consistently. Yeah there were games that had that kind of shit, but usually it wasn’t intended and it wasn’t just the majority of games. Plus, we live in an age where glitches and infinite loops like that could be fixed.

All I’m saying is, fighting games have turned into something far more abusive and far less respectable than before. To a degree where playing predictably is pretty much encouraged at times or the mechanics are just really abusive in general. Honestly, I don’t think something like Xrd deserves a place at EVO either and was kind of glad it was pulled from the roster. I use to play XXAC because people would do new and unique shit. Plus every installment, they’d make the game more exciting. For the past almost 5 years now, I rarely see players try anything new or unique and the game has played almost NOTHING in the spirit of what I remember.

I really hope fighting games do take a different direction considering SAM SHO is coming out, but I have doubts man.