Hate mail

Whats up guys, hey do you get a lot of hate mail in this game??? dang I been getting lots and I suck at the game and yes I do win sometimes with T Hawk but I dont play cheap I just play…

The other day some body called me a *** dropped and then was saying T. Hawk is this and that and somebody like me must suck because I am using him. LOL okay.

I am just having fun at this game cheesh.:xeye:

I get hate mail too!

Yeah, Just keep beating them, it just means you’re doing well!:wonder:

Well I remember in CVS2 that I use to get all kinds of hate shit and people spaming my game because at the time I was only 17 and moving up in the leaderboards… When they send that shit I just say GOOD game man it was fun ;oD ha ha


“piss off and go fuc urself”

After beating him and a 3.8k ken to a pulp with Viper.

Sooo gay… I dont get what the big deeal is>>> shit I got my ass handed to me more than once and I dont run and talk shit just because I sucked!! LOL

I’m not very good myself. I’m like a casual one. Wanna get better though. I play with Guy, Rose, Cody and Cammy. But I get a lot of hate mails too. Then Do something like this with Cammy : lp, lp, spinning knuckles, cannon spike and win with this (not often happens) I always get like “Stop playing becuase you suck” “you should quit spamming” The funny thing is I suck at spamming and I never do it…

I play Seth, yet no rage mail so far, instead i’ve got mails praising my seth.