Hasanshu vs. Zangief

In watching the Haneyama vs Zangitan matches, I noticed Haneyama performed a lot of Hasanshus. At first I chocked it up to doing unexpected things in order to gain an advantage, until it was noted that the mindset behind the Hasanshus was to hit it at the tip of her foot to avoid an SPD punish. Is spacing the Hasanshu this way actually safe against Zangief, or any other characters?

I don’t think that was a very good tactic, even though Haneyama was my inspiration. But if that was just from one match, then I wouldn’t worry about it. You have other tools (pokes) to use.

I know you can beat Thunder knucles HP with good spacing. You can make dragon punch whiff too.
But about Zangief i think the main reason is he cannot punish them focus or focus dash.He has a slow dash forward and his focus can whiff on crouch opponent.
Sometimes hazan shu can beat lariat PPP too.

lariat kkk beats hazanshu clean …

Ricky was also using lk hsu a lot of wakeup against vangief at ncr. to pretty good effect too. prolly gets you out of the dangerous wakeup options gief has. why yes, i’ll take a reset off jab instead of an spd, sure

Gief c.lk beats Chun’s S.RH, and he can buffer EX Hand into it for a free knockdown. It’s a very good, underrated tactic for Gief that can take away one of Chun’s best pokes/distance tools in the match. Using random Hasanshu’s can help to keep Gief from spamming this tactic.

I would keep Zangief away with Kikoken during the match while properly spacing myself. I notice gief users try to jump over that so i punish them with St.Fierce but another good way to keep them at bay is baiting there SPD. and punishing it with lighting legs.

Just try to keep him away with your pokes and if he gets close an wants to try to cross up you might want to back dash.

I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip. I’ll still do the standing roundhouses, but its nice to know to be aware of it.

hsu only good onlt for throw bait 360 and bait and maybe as a mix up keep meating jump back RH then 1 time hsu, but and good gief cant counter hsu on reaction with ex green hand or lariat as we saw in the set with haneyama

Gief CAN blow through Kikouken on reaction with EX/Hand, made especially easy if he’s looking for it. In order to even think about throwing Kikouken, you have to back up and protect a distance where Green Hand won’t reach you. The problem here is that with a few steps forward, Gief can put himself into range to be able to deal with Kikouken. Chun can only back up/back dash so far before she gets into a corner, and this is pretty much the last place you want to be with Gief.

If you’re going to win this match, you need to do it mid-screen. Chun cannot jump over Gief…ever…so you have to find a way to slow his advance in the middle of the screen so that you don’t get backed into a corner.

If it’s spaced properly, Gief can’t punish Hazanshu on block.

Something I’ve been thinking about is intentionally whiffing df+HK after a knockdown and hoping to bait an SPD or Green Hand, then punish with Ultra. Anyone know if that would be effective?