Has this game died?

I started playing again after quite a few months off and since coming back it seems there are very few people playing this game, and the ones that are all seem to be new comers. For example last night after repeatedly trying to find one I managed to see only 1 endless battle? Another good example is the fact that I won 13 fights in a row as soon as I came back, and I suck, so that goes to show the quality of the opposition I was playing.
I play from the UK but will search with settings set to any.
I do not have the DLC characters is this limiting the amount of players I can fight? i was vaguely under the impression that this was not the case in SF X tekken but like i said I havn’t played in months and can’t really remember.

It’s sometimes pretty frustrating to find an opponent in Europe, yes.
Set it to any skill, any region and stumble apon lots of players from US, Brazil, Canada, HongKong,
find the same players like 5 times in a row, try it a few times more and maybe you’ll find a decent opponent.
Don’t even dare trying to find one in the late night, morning or whatever.

Usually I just create an endless lobby myself, 3 players, doesn’t take that long until it’s ready to go.
But finding an endless lobby myself is usually pretty frustrating, yeah.
Just my perspective from xbox@eu.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have the DLC and the other player does.

It’s not dead, just not that popular. Could be worse, could be Persona? :v

game is still pretty lively in the states. I can usually find a full screen of endless lobbies most hours of the day.

Yes the funeral will be next wednesday

We will be also raising a memorial because it was such a cool game, god rest its soul

want to get back into fighters but I’m really struggling to decide what to play atm. I have SSf4, Sf X T and UMvsC3.
I actually really enjoyed sf x t pre patch, found it to be a little more light hearted and fun than ssf4 but can’t see the point in getting back into it if nobody plays.
I could always get AE DLC for SSF4 and have a crack at that but its probably been atleast a year since iv played (DLC is a req for SSF4 right? I wont be able to play anyone on AE v without?)
UMvsC3 was fun but a bit too wild for my liking.
And then theres the question of if I have to purchase dlc for SSf4 or sf X t (although sf X t is unlikely) would i be better of spending that £ on kof xiii, sf 3, skull girls or persona? Obviously not knowing the state of the online community of these games doesn’t help either.

Any advice or opinions on the current state of these g ames would be appreciated.

I feel the current state of the game is pretty active imo. Like any other game there is usually a prime time when ppl are playing the most. Shit the sfxt community alone we have a good, 20-50 players always active in one way or another, and thats not counting the pros who play on a regular basis. So i feel sfxt is doing just fine, the game might not be for everyone but at least we can say we play our game.

^ He is playing from UK though. If it isn’t Canada or east coast, he is stuck with Europe.

Lower ranks seem to be more active. If you prefer endless battle, you might want to check the match up directory thread. I get most games by playing with players from my friendlist. As already mentioned, avoid playing in the morning. There are a few players, who show up late at night though.

Also, if you repeatedly run into the same players… don’t body them too hard. Let them believe that they have a chance to win. People love their points and back out, because they only want to play with people they can beat…

basically in eurpoe its either AE or Persona , i have a best friend who moved there and he basically says alot of european plays feel that SF X T is horrible so they dont really play it

Yeah some of the peeps in the uk do not like playing the game, doesn’t feel like AE to them.
Played sfxt on ps3 (my 360 fightpad messed up on me, sigh) done some matches in ranked then went on endless…NO ONE was around, I thought my connection died so I tried again, still nothing. Had to wait for some people on my friendlist just so I can go into endless with them

I don’t think the game is that inactive in europe to be honest. It’s just that the master server / search function is HORRENDOUS and flat out doesn’t work properly.

PC in europe is active as fuck, I never have to wait more than 10 seconds to get a ranked match going and I can almost always find at least 1, but usually 2 lobbies up (or if not, I make one myself and attract all the A rank people who ive bodied in ranked and wanna get revenge :D)

That said AE2012 PC is way more active I have to admit. Always full list of people to fight in ranked and always like 10 endless lobbies up pretty much all the time O.O

Based on my experience there are more European and South American players compared to other regions. That’s on PC.

Are you on 360 or PS3?
If you’re on the 360 feel free to add me and I’ll give you some games whenever as I’m also from the UK, but as a few people have said here I seem to get the majority of my matches against people I already have on my friends list.
Also if you’re on Facebook theres a group called UK Fighting Games, you’ll be able to find some people to play whichever fighting game you want through that group.

You could also join the sfxt chat room on the efnet irc server… we have several EU players in there regularly on both consoles (and PC).

the fatal mistake for this game:

  1. Ranked Match replaced with Quick Match entirely
    (2. shit netcode on PC)

It’s definitely on the decline yes. I couldnt find any matches on PC either but that was a week or so ago.

I just played a whole lot of matches last Saturday morning at like 1-6 AM PST. I didn’t have to wait very long for each game, but I set the search settings to “All” instead of “Same area”. Went against a lot of Russian and German people. Other than that I tried this morning and yesterday and there didn’t seem to be anyone on in the US.

I’m Canadian and I just set my region to USA to get more opponents. No one plays online in Canada.

This guy right here.

I just discovered this game so once I get my XBL subscription…“IT’S ON!”

There’s a decent amount going on in the US, tbh.